Instagram finally arrives for Android iPhone users not happy

After months of waiting Instagram for Android has finally arrived and the developers recently promised the application would be better than the iOS version, and it seems some iPhone users are not happy with the apps availability on Android either.

Instagram has been available for users of the iOS platform for a long time now, and along with Temple Run the app was high on Android user’s wish lists. Just over a week ago we told you the apps release was near as a sign up page had gone live, and as the iOS version of the app already has almost thirty million users this would quickly increase once the Android app was released.

There has been many rip off apps on the Android platform promising to offer the Instagram experience along with a few fake versions. Previously some app developers have found that compatibility can be an issue on the Android platform as there are a massive range of devices, but hopefully there will be no issues with the app.

For those that are not aware of the app it allows users to share a variety of images after editing them and adding effects. It seems though that some iPhone users are unhappy that Android users now have access to Instagram, as according to the Android Community many have taken to Twitter to have a moan.

Some even think Instagram has been ruined by the release for Android and you can see the lengthening Twitter feed here, one iPhone user accuses the Android platform for slowing up the Instagram service. It seems that some iPhone users wanted the app to be exclusive to their platform, which too many users of both platforms will be a little strange.

You can download Instagram for Android yourself here, and tell us what you think of the app and the unhappy iPhone users.


2 thoughts on “Instagram finally arrives for Android iPhone users not happy”

  1. I downloaded it and it doesnt bloody work! Despite the app page claiming “this is compatible with all of your devices”
    oh and iphone users, grow up. i’ve had both and couldnt give a toss!

  2. Sanctuaryofheap says:

    So Instagram finally hit Android, and wondering what all the fuss was about decided to give it a go. I’ve had no problems whatsoever   getting it to work, but it’s a bit like finding the hottest guy on earth then getting him in the sack only to find he has a tiny c*ck and doesn’t even know what to do with the little he has got. Major anticlimax. There are far superior apps available on Android and on desktop too (which is my preference). So (certain) iPhone users stop behaving as if your crack-den has been sodomised. Lube up, and take one for the team! I’m sure once Android users have decided they’re done with you, they’ll toss you back onto the pavement like the cheap sluts that you are and they might even give you a pound or two if they think you’ve earned it. Just because you dress up in fancy gown and tiara doesn’t make you royalty. You can’t buy class nor can you polish a turd.

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