iPhone used to rescue child trapped down a 40ft well

So what do you do if you are an emergency service attempting to rescue a two-year old toddler that has fallen down a narrow 40 foot well, and the child is having difficulty putting on an adult sized rescue harness to be pulled up? Well apparently you lower your trusty smartphone down the well so you can use the camera to see the child’s position.

And this is exactly what happened when a two-year old was discovered down a 40 foot well in a village near Mengzi City in China. The Telegraph reports that emergency services were alerted when the child’s cries were heard coming for the well, and when attempting the rescue the boy kept slipping out of the harness that is designed for adults.

So the emergency service lowered an iPhone down the well in order to use the iPhone camera to see the position of the child, and the close up images where used to better position the ropes around the child’s small body so he could be hauled up to safety.

As a result, the child was rescued and then taken to hospital and luckily didn’t sustain any major injuries.

And we have a video of the child being pulled from that 40 foot well for your viewing consideration below, so don’t forget to head on down and hit that play button.

So there you have it, another instance when a smartphone can come in pretty handy, and no doubt if they hadn’t had an iPhone another smartphone with a camera would have sufficed in its place; still all’s well that ends well.

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