Sony believe Android Gingerbread is better than ICS

It seems to be taking a long while for most smartphone manufacturers to get the Android Ice Cream Sandwich update out to users devices, and while there are more users with the new software the previous version is still the most widely used on the platform. Today we can tell you that Sony believe Android Gingerbread is better than ICS in many ways.

The Japanese company only recently revealed when its Xperia range will begin getting the new operating system, but according to Cnet Sony is trying to convince users to stay with the “extreme stability” of the Gingerbread operating system instead of complaining about the latest update.

Android’s latest operating system is still taking a long time to land onto many handsets, even though it made its debut around four months ago on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. The company does say that Android 4.0 is “new and compelling in many ways“, but adds it’s “not a bad idea to stay” with Gingerbread”.

Sony gives the reason behind this statement is that Android ICS is “more intensive, for example in terms of resource usage”, which may mean your handsets processor, battery, or RAM cannot properly handle the software and in turn slow down the phone.

The company highlights the graphics hardware acceleration in the new Android OS that makes the graphics run smoother while playing a game, but also makes the game slower to start to begin with. There is some truth in Sony’s claims but it doesn’t get away from the fact of how slow the company is taking to get Android ICS out to its handsets.

Sony is not the only company taking its time getting ICS out to devices, as owners of the Samsung Galaxy S II have been left frustrated with the time it is taking to arrive, and it’s not as if that device couldn’t easily cope with the new software.

This problem is not helping the Android platforms reputation and we even have future versions such as Jelly Bean and Key Lime Pie on the horizon, and at this rate they will be released while many users are still left waiting for ICS. Do you agree with Sony’s comments about Android ICS?


5 thoughts on “Sony believe Android Gingerbread is better than ICS”

  1. Anonymous says:

    How is the fact that Sony’s mediocre handsets can’t properly run new software Android’s fault..? In the Neo V (promised ice this month)They use a 1GHz scorpion processor, half a gig of ram and have only 300 odd MB of internal storage… Now they pretend they are surprised it won’t run ICS. My 4 year old original Desire had the same spec. Sony need to up their game, and release a decent flagship, or just stop making promises they can’t keep

    1. Deathclock7 says:

      Desire had scorpion 8250 which is first gen. Neo V has 8255 which is 2nd gen.

      Nexus S can run ICS with its MEDIOCRE 512 megs of ram and 1 ghz chip so i think

      2011 Xperia lineup will be able to run ICS too. 

  2. I for one always like new OS but I for the life of me cannot see (for my use) the advantage of ICS. I have a rooted Bionic and have tried the Kang  ICS . Forget about the obvious things that still aren’t working right. I don’t see much improvement at all with the day to day operation. Maybe if you are big into games it is better. But I have gone back to Liberty rom from ICS. I will still try ICS every few days to watch the progress.

  3. 1justame says:

    Ics has a better user interface, however I have found that even on my high end galaxy s2 epic ics is not nearly as good on resources or ram management. I wish ics ran as good as gingerbread and played games as well. I really don’t see after using both aplenty why ics is so special. Really isn’t that differentand all of the changes for the most part can be implanted into gingerbread quite easily if you know what your doing. I have my gingerbread operating system themed out ics style and you would barely know the difference. And in my opinion runs better than any ics room I have found.

    1. Morris Buel says:

      Completely agree.

      I’ve flashed multiple versions of Jellybean and ICS on my Samsung Captivate, in the end I keep coming back to CM7 (Gingerbread).

      Now my phone is basically half the spec of your S2, but it’s telling that JB and ICS run _so_ much slower than GB.

      Honestly after using the three off and on for the last year, I still think GB has the edge in terms of interface accessibility as well. There is some nice polish on JB and ICS, but in overall function and form, GB is the better Google operating system. CM7 on my device performs butter smooth, and I have alot more options.

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