Google Nexus S 4G official ICS update live

Last week we told you about the leaked version of the Android 4.0.4 update that was available to users of the Google Nexus S 4G who could install it onto their CDMA version of the handset, but now the official Android ICS update is live.

The update has begun it’s rollout to the CDMA Nexus S 4G and according to the Android Community if you are still using the stock Android Gingerbread OS you have to check your settings menu to see if the update is available in your region yet.

Owners of the GSM version of the smartphone first got a taste of Android 4.0 last December, but it was quickly pulled for more testing, and other versions of the Nexus hardware got the Android 4.0.4 update last week but CDMA devices were left out.

While the Nexus S 4G is the first CDMA device to get some Android 4.0.4 love, users on Verizon who own the Galaxy Nexus LTE or Xoom has been left waiting. Owners of the CDMA version of the Xoom will be more frustrated as they are still stuck on Android Honeycomb if they haven’t strayed from the official software releases.

Google has decided not to offer the same level of support to CDMA devices compared to Wi-Fi or GSM versions, and using a CDMA device it needs unique software key that is different for each network, which means it can’t be open source. This meant that the CDMA Xoom and Galaxy Nexus were dropped from the list of official developer devices not long after the first batch of consumers invested their cash in the hardware.

This situation with carriers and manufacturers seemingly abandoning relatively new hardware with regards to software updates will further damage the Android platform, and leave many owners frustrated. Have you received the Android 4.0.4 update on your Nexus S 4G?


12 thoughts on “Google Nexus S 4G official ICS update live”

  1. bananabread says:

    If the automatic update comes onto my phone, how do I proceed?  Do I plug into PC or anything?  Last year when the first ICS upgrade came out I downloaded it without connecting to anything, and my phone was bricked for several days and appeared to have a virus (picture of a dead Android on the screen).
    Can I just press the ‘Restart and Install’ and hope for the best?

    1. fpietronics says:

       I have the same problem and is rebooting by itself all the time, I am in Florida, I hope that somebody come up with a solution soon. I try reset to factory specs and the same thing.

  2. Wickfordinteriors says:

    I updated my nexus s and I can’t edit contacts or pick a decent ringtone not pleased at all I want my old nexus back or another update to sort this mess out

  3. guest says:

    Updated my phone last night and now all of my google gmail contacts and calendar is no where to be found.  When I go in to sync it is not even an option.  Only lets me choose to sync email….nothing about contacts of calendar.  My work email/contacts/and calendar synced just fine.  Anyone else having this problem with gmail?

  4. Tcylittle says:

    I got the update two days ago and haven’t been able to keep a charge since!! Take it back! What is the use if having a cell phone if you gave to be connected to the charger constantly?

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