First Wi-Fi now 3G issues reported with new iPad

A few days after Apple had released the new iPad to the world a few users started to complain about some Wi-Fi issues with the device, and yesterday we told you that the company was reportedly replacing affected units and sending them off for testing. Now today there are reports that some owners are reporting 3G connection issues with the new iPad.

Owners of the LTE capable iPad have started reporting about connectivity problems, and according to AppleInsider users are saying that the device loses a 3G connection and the only thing to get one back is to carry out a hard reset.

More users have been reporting the problem over the last week on a thread at the Apple Support Communities, and it seems most of them are from outside the US trying to connect to 3G networks instead of the 4G LTE speeds that are available in the country.

One user going under the name ‘NewForce’ is suggesting the problem stems from either iOS 5.1 or the Qualcomm chipset used inside the new iPad by Apple. A number of solutions have been tried that included changing the SIM card and resetting the settings, but these didn’t work and it was found the only thing that did was shutting down the device between three and five times each day.

Many of those posting on the thread have owned older versions of the iPad without experiencing the same issues. Countries that have users complaining about the problem include the UK, Australia, Austria, Germany, Poland, Norway, Spain, Singapore, Italy, and Switzerland. There have been some users from the US complaining of the same problem but only a handful.

One American user going under the name of ‘rodzs’ said that while they are at home in northern Wisconsin or surrounding areas there is no problems, but as soon as they go further afield it doesn’t work. The user said they went into a Verizon store to report the problem, but they said “it was because when it is in extended coverage it might not work because of reception”.

Have you had any connectivity problems with you new iPad?


One thought on “First Wi-Fi now 3G issues reported with new iPad”

  1. BT says:

    I purchased my iPad 3 64Gb+4G in US last week. I was travelling back to Europe and I have tried the unit on at least 10 WiFi available locations. On each signal received  was low or not found at all. My notebook and android phone were working on each location normally.

    Yesterday, I shipped via DHL my iPad 3 back to US for return (still within 2 weeks return period). In the mean time I did talk to APPLE CARE, tried things they asked me to do, but nothing worked out well. I do not want to assume, but this looks to me like a HW problem.

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