Apple replacing new iPads due to Wi-Fi issue

The latest iPad was launched last month too much excitement to Apple fans around the world, but there seems to be a couple of problems with the device. Firstly some owners complained how hot the device was getting after using for a short time, but another issue with the devices Wi-Fi signal has been reported and it now seems that Apple are replacing new iPads because of it.

The Wi-Fi issue was first reported about a week after the device was first released with many owners posting on the Apple Support Community about the problem, and now according to an article over at 9TO5 Mac the company has admitted internally about some new iPad models having issues with regards to Wi-Fi.

Apple has said that symptoms can include slow Wi-Fi speeds, Wi-Fi network not seen, and intermittent connectivity, but also said the issue is not limited to only these problems. Apple is telling its AppleCare employees to make sure that units they test are not experiencing these problems because of normal software bugs, but instead the actual hardware itself.

According to Apple only new iPads that are Wi-Fi only have been experiencing these issues, and the 4G LTE versions of the device are supposedly free from the problem because of the extra network power provided by the black rubber cut on the top of the device.

One source is claiming that new iPads hit with the Wi-Fi issue are supposed to be ‘Captured’, which is the company’s code for the unit to be packed up and sent to Apple’s engineering centers for examination and testing. Apple staff are also required to Capture all the included accessories before replacing the device.

With the growing number of complaints on the forum post it makes you wonder if there is a design fault with the new iPad, or just a few rogue units out there that have slipped through the quality control process.

Have you had any problems with your Wi-Fi only new iPad?


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