New iPad WiFi problems prompts customer complaints

Apple’s latest version of the iPad has been available in certain regions for less than a week now, ahead of the device launching in 24 more countries tomorrow. The new iPad has been grabbing some of the headlines for the wrong reasons in recent days, and today we are hearing of some Wi-Fi problems that have prompted customer complaints.

Before now there has been the issue that some early adopters of the new iPad have complained about with the device getting a lot warmer than previous versions, and now according to an article over at Cult of Mac some owners have complained about a weak Wi-Fi signal on their new tablet PC.

There are a number of new iPad users taking to Apple’s Support Communities to moan that their new hardware has a weaker Wi-Fi signal than their iPad 2, and some have found the same issue compared to iPhones and MacBooks.

The lengthening thread was started off by a user who said they were sitting in a hotel with a new iPad and a laptop, but the iPad was only showing a weak Wi-Fi signal in the same location. The thread quickly grew in size, and at the time of writing there are 178 replies.

Many have compared the new iPad with their iPad 2 with one user saying their iPad 2 had twice the signal strength of the later model, with some saying the screen is nice but they are thinking of returning the device. Another owner even said the new iPad would “not hold WIFI for more than a few minutes”, and this was compared to two MacBooks and an iPhone working ok using the same router.

One reply from a user states that they have owned every version of the iPad without any Wi-Fi problems until now, and an iPhone 4S and i7 MacBook air using the same router have no problems with connection.

The Wi-Fi issue could quite easily be a software problem and it seems that OSX Daily has found a fix for it. One of the replies on the Apple Support Communities provided the link and it seems it just an easy solution to the problem.

Have you been having issues with Wi-Fi on your new iPad?


10 thoughts on “New iPad WiFi problems prompts customer complaints”

  1. Movieman says:

    My problem is, after updating to 5.1 and restoring it to correct a problem where as the apps would not update automatically, my iPad 2 will not connect automatically to my wi fi anymore. I must manually select my wi fi or any other one EVERYTIME I turn on my iPad . What with mega numbered access codes, this is a major problem !!!

  2. Tomhiscox says:

    I have the new white iPad 64GB 4G which I bought in Bristol, UK.

    Since I have bought it I have only been getting 1 bar of Wifi signal and the battery life is significantly less than my old iPad 2.

    There is no problem with my virgin media superhub router 60mb as my iPhone 4S and my old iPad 2 are showing 3 bars of wifi signal and my laptop have 4/5 bars of wifi.

    In terms of battery life I am getting maybe 3-4 hours less than my iPad 2 but if I turn the brightness of the new retina display up full then it’s more like 5 hours less.

  3. Tomhiscox says:

    But still, the new iPad is fantastic.

    Kicks the crap out of the old iPad 2. The screen is amazing, the graphics are loads better, the dictation is really easy to use (despite my bristolian accent) and the new camera is fantastic (way better than the iPhone 4S).

    I am happy to wait for a firmware update unordered iron out these small issues.

    Apple always have a problem with new devices at first.

  4. Clkman52 says:

    If the wifi problem was a software issue wouldn’t you think that every IOS 5.1 device would be affected? Not just some groups of devices here and there. This sound like an assembly issue or QA to me. Not software.

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