iPad heat issue possibly Apple’s new antennagate

Almost two years ago after Apple launched the iPhone 4 they were soon met with a large number of users complaining about dropped calls and a low signal display on the handset. Fast forward to more recent times and since the device was released last week the new iPad heat issue could possibly become Apple’s new antennagate.

Only yesterday we told you about the growing number of users that have been complaining about their new iPad becoming uncomfortably hot after only a short time of being used. Many have mentioned that the new version of the iPad gets the hottest on the left hand side where the new A5X processor is housed.

Now as Engadget are reporting a Dutch website Tweakers.net have done five minutes of GL benchmark testing on both the iPad 2 and new iPad. Apple’s latest incarnation of the iPad hit 92.5 Fahrenheit or 33.6 centigrade, which compared to 82.9 Fahrenheit or 28.3 centigrade for the model it replaced.

As you can see from the image above the heat is at its strongest where the motherboard is positioned towards the bottom of the device, and it has to be remembered the tests would have run the GPU at full pelt for the full five minutes, and used for things that are less demanding will have resulted in less heat.

Other tech items are also prone to generate heat as many laptops have built in fans to dispel the heat away from the internals of the device, but as the iPad is so slim there is no room for such features. It has to be remembered though that although the heat is causing some users iPads to shut down, there shouldn’t be any risks of it causing any lasting damage.

The situation is not ideal though and may cause some embarrassment to the company, and for users it will be frustrating if their device needs to be switched off after any length of time. One of the big selling points of the device is its screen and how great it looks for games, but only being able to play for a short time may damage its reputation.

Have you experienced any issues with your new iPad?


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  1. Guest says:

    Ultimately it doesn’t matter, the iSheep will continue buying it and claim the heat as a feature, look the iPad now also fried eggs for you.

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