Addiction to ‘Draw Something app’, even at work

A survey of Draw Something players has revealed that the average person spends between 10-30 minutes per day playing the game, with two thirds admitting that they have played the game when they should have otherwise been working.

More than 50 million people have downloaded the app in the 50 days since its launch, according to information recently released regarding Draw Something, the hit Pictionary-style application. Farmville-creator Zynga acquired developer OMGPOP for $180m. Draw Something is free to play but offers players the option of paying for coins to pay for additional colours and bombs.

More than 10,000 searches have been counted in the last month for Draw Something discounts on the UK’s leading discount website www.MyVoucherCodes.co.uk by players keen to cut the cost of their gaming without spending the time to build up their coins.

Although there are no discounts available, MyVoucherCodes decided to conduct a survey to look into the playing habits of its UK community to relay back and found some interesting stats. 1,342 Draw Something players took part in the survey.

When asked, ‘How many people, on average, are you playing at any given time on Draw Something?’ the majority, 57%, said they were playing between 5-10 games. 8% of respondents said they were playing between 15-20 games at one time.

Respondents were also asked how long they spent playing the game per day, with answers ranging from ‘less than ten minutes’ — answered by a quarter, 24% — to ‘more than three hours per day’ — something more than one in twenty, 6%, admitted to. The average amount of time spent on the game was between 10-30 minutes per day, with 27% of respondents selecting this estimate.

More than two thirds of players, 68% said they had found themselves playing the game at work, while a fifth, 19%, said they played it while in bed.

36% said they played Draw Something more often than they accessed other apps, such as Facebook and Twitter.

The issue of writing words instead of drawing a picture appears to be a contentious issue amongst players, with 34% saying they had written words to earn coins when they couldn’t think of a way to draw the image. In contrast, four fifths of users, 81%, said they didn’t like it when other players did this — meaning a number of players said they disliked the practise despite having done it themselves.

Mark Pearson, founder of MyVoucherCodes.co.uk had the following to say,

“I have to admit it; I’m hooked. Like millions of other people, Draw Something has become something of an addiction for me and you have to congratulate OMGPOP for such a runaway success.

“We saw a number of searches for discounts and were even asked if we could quiz the MyVoucherCodes community to find out more about their playing habits, so we thought it’d be great to delve deeper into the game beyond the obvious user figures.”

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