Apple iMac PC with built in iPhone 5 dock

Anybody who follows what goes on in the tech world will know that Apple has been the forerunner of cutting-edge technology and continues to come up with the goods. There’s a huge amount of rumor and speculation about the iPhone 5, due later this year but we bet you haven’t heard about an Apple iMac PC with iPhone 5 dock.

Ok, so this product doesn’t actually exist but we’ve been thinking about it and it certainly makes sense. We also feel it would be a development that many Apple fans would like to see and want to know if you think this should become a reality? Although we still don’t know when the iPhone 5 will be released it seems that many are expecting a June/July release or a launch in the fall. Either way it’s possible that the iMac or Mac Mini could get a refresh before the next iPhone arrives and we reckon there would be a real market for these with built-in iPhone 5 docks.

Another reason why built-in iPhone docks on Mac devices would appear to be a good idea is that by keeping it ‘in the family’ so to speak it would deter iPhone users from buying non-Apple docks strengthening the whole idea of Apple device owners not having to look outside Apple for their peripherals needs. Apple has always made the most of its customer’s loyalty to company products and this would be a strategic marketing ploy.

Many of the improvements concentrated on in iMac refreshes include better graphics, more powerful processors, improvements in displays and storage but thinking out of the box it’s almost a wonder that Apple hasn’t already thought to include a built-in iPhone dock. Imagine how good it would be with an iMac for example, being able to take advantage of its 21 or 27-inch display and there would be plenty of room for an iPhone dock along the top of the display for example

A built-in iPhone 5 dock would be a boon in many ways such as synching and charging your iPhone while you’re working on your Mac or being used to amplify sound from your iPhone to make the most of your music library. Another idea that we think Apple really should consider is ditching its traditional 30-pin connector in favor of something universal and we think this is another move that would also go down well with Apple device owners.

It would be really interesting to find out what our readers think about possible Mac products with built-in iPhone docks. Is this something that you would like to see come to fruition? Maybe it’s something you’ve never thought about much but it seems like a sound idea? Alternatively we’d like to hear your suggestions about other ‘out of the box’ ideas that Apple could put to good use with its products so let us have your comments as we’d love to know what else our readers can come up with.


6 thoughts on “Apple iMac PC with built in iPhone 5 dock”

  1. Steve says:

    Personally I don’t think a dock is in line with were apple is headed. I would say ideally apple is looking for a non physical connection solution.

  2. Not Following says:

    I’m haveing a hard time understanding why Apple needs to include a doc for the iPhone on the new iMac.  Here are the reasons:
    1)  Apple has taken great strides in the last year to launch it’s new iCloud and anyone who has multiple Apple products knows how nice this service is.  If you’ve recently purchased a new iPad or iPhone you know what I am talking about.  There will soon come a time when the need to doc your iPhone or iPad to your computer is no more.
    2)  Adding a doc to the iMac will greatly joepardize the “look” of the iMac, which has simply become “art.”  Steve’s vision for all apple products beginning with the Apple II has been that of simplicity and artistic.  Apple needs to keep that vision at the forefront of their products to keep Apple….Apple.

  3. Jag_Warrior says:

    Since there are all sorts of docks already available (including ones from Apple), I also question why the company would bore a pocket in the top of the iMac. A much better (IMO), more aesthetically pleasing, solution would be to offer a dock option that would mate to the keyboard or maybe the Magic Trackpad. Plus, with wireless charging on the horizon and iCloud, I don’t see the need.

    I just bought a 27″ iMac and also a matching 27″ Apple Cinema Display. And the idea of a dock, with an iPad or iPhone setting atop my Mac or my ACD, doesn’t do it for me. It’s great to think outside the box… but, in this case, no.

  4. DavidEstill says:

    An iphone/ipod dock attaching to the imac doesn’t make any sense at all. Improved syncing, and cloud support almost erases the need to connect by usb, the main reason people use docks anyway is to listen to music not at their computers with better speakers. Plus this contradicts the imacs emphasis on minimalist design. 

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