Reminiscing SMS PopUp 7 with WP7 feel on Google Play

If you are an Android smartphone user that would like the feel of Windows Phone 7 when it comes to viewing your popup SMS messages there is now an Android application available that will enable you to get that taste of WP7 on your chosen Android handset, and that app is called SMS PopUp 7.

There are two versions of the app, a free app and paid app, the SMS PopUp 7 Free app shows SMS sender with photo and content without disturbing any of your work and is delivered in the background and then disappears, and doesn’t stop or pause game playing.

With the SMS PopUp 7 application for Android devices the user has the ability to hide contact photos, to change the colour, set the duration, set ringtones, set Screen On when you receive a message, show the number of message lines, and click on the arrow to view the complete message.

Basically the SMS PopUp 7 app enabled the user to view SMS threads just like in Windows Phone 7 and the look of the application can also be completely customised.

The difference between the SMS PopUp 7 free and paid app is that with the paid version of the app you can reply/delete/mark as read SMS, and the paid version also offers Voice Command support that enables the user to read and reply to a message without having to touch their handset.

The SMS PopUp 7 FREE app is of couse available to download for free from Google Play whilst the paid version will set you back £1.26, and we have a quick video of the SMS PopUp 7 FREE version in action for your viewing consideration below, so hit that play button and check out the footage, and feel free to let us know if you are using this app or intend on giving it a whirl…enjoy.


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