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Here at Phones Review we not only endeavor to keep you informed about the latest smartphones and tablets but also like to give readers information about some of the best apps available. Today we’ve rounded up some of the top apps, for iOS and Android devices that cater for those with gluten-free diets and these should be really helpful for those who want to maintain a healthy lifestyle while sticking to a restrictive diet.

The first three apps we’ll give you are for iOS devices (i.e. iPhone, iPad and iPod touch) while the following three are for the Android platform so there really is something for everyone. Simply hit the titles for each app for either the iTunes or Google Play Store links if you decide you want to download any of the following. Some of these are paid apps while others are free and we’ve included that information for each one as well as key features to give you an idea of what the apps offer.

The first app then is simply titled the Gluten Free Diet and developed by FitKit. This will cost you $1.99 and is suitable for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad running iOS 4.0 or later. It has around 300 gluten-free recipes that cover every meal from breakfast to supper and features include a stylish interface, the ability to star your favorite recipes and a filter menu.

Up next is Gluten Free Diet Recipes: A Treatment for Celiac disease? This one is a bit pricier at $3.99 and is compatible for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad using iOS 4.0 or later. This also provides plenty of gluten-free recipes and will help people get used to their new lifestyle eating foods to keep them healthy. Several categories of recipes are included and they are breakfast & eggs, main dishes, salads & side dishes, snacks & condiments, desserts & sweets.

The next iOS app is Dish Freely: Gluten Free and this one is a free app compatible for iPhone, iPod touch and iPads running iOS 4.3 or later. The idea of this one is helping people to know where they can eat out and dishes they will be able to find. For those following a gluten-free diet it can be difficult when dining out but this app aims to collect information from users by letting them add suitable meals at restaurants in their city or town. It’s really a community-led database although it freely concedes that most of the current content is NYC-based. Nevertheless as the app becomes more popular this app could find a real niche.

Now on to Android apps and the first is Find Me Gluten Free which is another free app and requires Android 1.6 or later. In a way this is similar to the previous app we mentioned as it helps people find businesses that are gluten-free friendly. However rather than just restaurants this also aims to help those looking for fast food, bars, grocery stores and other places you might need for gluten-free foods. For each business on the app you’ll be able to find directions and menus and you can add your own suggestions.

Our next Android app is Gluten Free Recipes 1000 and as you can imagine this has almost a thousand suitable recipes. Recipes can be searched by name or ingredients and this should really help those with gluten or wheat intolerance or celiac disease. This is also a free app and requires Android 1.1 or later.

Finally our last app is the Gluten Free Checklist and this one is the most expensive of our recommended apps coming in at £6.09. It’s suitable for Android devices running Android 1.6 or later. This extremely comprehensive app will help you look for suitable restaurants offering gluten-free recipes and will also assist in shopping for gluten-free foods, saving you time and money. It also has over 1000 recipes and will give a further five recipes every week. Checklists are also available such as a Health Checklist, Fresh Baked Goods, Holiday Recipes and Menus, Pre-Prepared Meals, Travel Checklist and more.

Hopefully you will be able to find an app to suit you for your gluten-free lifestyle amongst the ones we’ve found? Let us know what you think of any of the above apps and if you have other really good apps for gluten-free diets then please share them with us by using the comments box below.


2 thoughts on “Top 6 gluten free diet iPhone & Android apps”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Find Me Gluten Free gets used very often on my Android phone as well as my wife’s iPhone. It’s especially valuable when traveling.

  2. Feedme says:

    I like the Orgran Recipe app. Not as many recipes as Gluten Free Recipes 1000, but still plenty to keep a bit of variety on the menu. I’m still working my way through the desserts.

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