Short & sweet HTC One X vs Galaxy Note

So, now that the international version of the HTC One X has been available for a while, the HTC One X is arguably the most powerful Android smartphone to be announced and the only quad core handset you can purchase, although US versions with be dual core, but how does the latest Android Ice Cream Sandwich smartphone compare to the larger Samsung Galaxy Note?

Well the guys over at Motoring Crunch have does a comparison between the HTC One X and the Samsung Galaxy Note, so we thought we’d pass along their findings to our readership that delivers their five reasons why they feel the Samsung Galaxy Note wins over the HTC One X.

So here are those five reasons the Galaxy Note comes out on top of the One X…first off the Samsung Galaxy Note packs a removable battery whilst the HTC One X doesn’t, and of course that the Galaxy Note packs a whopping 2500mAh battery whilst the HTC One X only has an 1800mAh battery.

Then there’s display size and resolution, the Galaxy Note has a 13 percent bigger display at 5.3-inches while the One X has a 4.7-inch display, and the Galaxy Note has a 12 percent higher screen resolution at 1280 x 800 against the One X’s 1280 x 720.

Expandable storage, again the Galaxy Note wins out as the HTC One X doesn’t have a microSD slot, which is a shame considering the Android Ice Cream Sandwich handset is HTC’s flagship handset, but it does come with 32GB internal storage.

How about the front facing camera, although both handset pack an 8 megapixel rear facing snapper, the Galaxy Note wins when it comes to the front facing camera due to having a 2 megapixel camera whilst the One X sports a 1.3 megapixel front facing shooter.

Lastly it comes down to the stylus and apps, as I’m sure you know that the Samsung Galaxy Note comes with an advanced stylus support, along with numerous pre-loaded apps including games.

We also have a thirteen minute video comparison between the Samsung Galaxy Note and the HTC One X for your viewing pleasure below, courtesy of YouTube user MrMushweed, so don’t forget to hit that play button and check out the footage.

So, we’d like to hear from our readers which they believe is the better device, the Samsung Galaxy Note or the HTC One X, so feel free to share your views to our comments area below.


17 thoughts on “Short & sweet HTC One X vs Galaxy Note”

  1. Frezz1n says:

    By comparing these two devices I think the authors have entirely missed the point of both of them.  If you want to compare the One X to flagship devices like the S2, iPhone 4S, Nokia 800, etc, then go ahead.  The Note is not a flagship, it’s a niche market and the One X was no designed to compete with it.

    1. Totallive says:

      I agree a pointless comparison..should be compared to an equivalent handset such as the Galaxy S2, iPhone 4S etc. If that was done then all those phone would fail on similar points against the Note. Also the one x has a quad core processor…surly it wins that one, runs ICS..again not even the Note does yet…and their are a few more I could probably mention.

      1. Kamal_deep_ahluwalia says:

        Absolutely a stupid comparison. Note has 2 solid cores of processing missing :). And not to mention that Note has a market of its own and no way would reach the numbers that HTC one X will sell.

        1. gobigorgohome says:

           It is not a pointless.  I am about to get a new phone and want to go big. So this comparison is great as these phones are big.  Lets be honest the HTC one x is following the note by going bigger.  The note was a great idea and other manufacturars are following suit.

  2. Frezz1n I disagree, i think the Note is a perfect test of what the One X is up against. I think that because the One X is a Flagship phone it should be capable of competing against whatever is current out. It’s the same fight that something like the Galaxy S3 will have on release day. And really the One X has a number of shortcomings: it has a substandard, not to mention non user replaceable, battery, no microSD support and a miniSIM card that will make upgrading from an earlier phone more difficult. 

  3. Christopher Avison says:

    I agree with you Alex, I think comparing the One X with current flagship phones is less relevant than comparing with the Note. I find this review massively helpful, thank you Phones Review.

    I have had my One X for a few days now, in white it looks magnificent, not feminine like the iPhone 4. Moving from the iPhone 4 I had before, it is a breath of fresh air. I have big hands and so do not find the large screen difficult, but could understand it being more difficult for people with smaller hands as it is right on the line of ‘one or two hands’ and I never like going landscape on phones as the keyboard cuts out more screen and even with the 4.7 inches, it is relatively taller than the note and you still loose a lot.

    Other than that, yes, the battery not being removable is a pain, and it may not last long, but I have always put my phones on to charge at the end of each day and it lasts long enough for that with moderate media player and gaming throughout the day (lectures get boring…) I am also moving from the iPhone so this is no stranger to me and really not an issue, although the iPhone really does benefit from all those apple stores around being incredibly helpful.

    I was apprehensive as to whether I had made a good choice, I had to take my first handset straight back as there was a fault with the front facing camera, but other than that it is a dream and with Google pulling all their services together, and the fantastic sense software on the HTC, this phone works seamlessly with everything you need day to day.

    We shall see how it stands against competition coming out in the next months, but right now there is no phone I would rather have or be seen with.

    Incidentally, in the video review above, he shows the Note with a cover that folds over the front. HTC do do a case with a cover like this. I have the white leather one with a grey suede side that covers the screen. Not only does this look good on the white phone, but it protects the white back from getting mucky (something I have read a lot of concern over). It also solves the sliding over the table problem. The HTC One X is thin and light, this cover does not make a massive difference to this, and I would suggest looking at this product to go with the phone! One draw back is that it covers the camera when folded back on itself, so you must hang it down in landscape and it can flop about a bit when shooting in portrait However, it does also double up as a stand so you can show off those gorgeous pictures to friends and family without having to prop it up on some beer mats…

  4. Westjham says:

    I’ll give you 5 reasons why HTC One X is better than Galaxy Note:
    1) quad core processer
    2) despite being only 12mm x 13mm smaller, it weighs 48g less
    3) better ppi
    4) imagesense
    5) ICS pre-loaded

    Not to mention it can fit in pockets and you don’t look like an idiot holding it up against your face when amswering a call.

    1. – the difference in ppi isn’t that significant when viewed realistically
      – current apps does not benefit more than dual core. quadcores only consume more power unnecessarily.
      – ics preloaded isn’t really an advantage. anyone can install ics once it’s available for the note.
      – you don’t look like an idiot holding a 5-incher galaxy note… it’s not like it’s a 7″ tablet.

    2. Sameer D hegde says:

      and i have the one x and it sucks …. there is lagging on the main screen… the camera shutter lags and the 1080p s crap when com[ared to the amazing note…and the battery does not last half of what used to last on my galaxy note …. cudos to the note …!!!

  5. Kamal_deep_ahluwalia says:

    Absolutely a stupid comparison. Note has 2 solid cores of processing missing :). And not to mention that Note has a market of its own and no way would reach the numbers that HTC one X will sell

  6. Matt C. says:

    I recently purchased the Galaxy Note which is an amazing device, fast, powerful, and much more…
    However I am still in my 30-day return/exchange period for the Note and I am debating on getting the One X because the reviews I have been reading have all been positive and make this device out to be the new greatest android ever…I’d appreciate any suggestions.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Hard decision.  I have both the One X, and the GS2.  I prefer black levels on the GS2/Colour.  I prefer the resolution, camera, body, styling on the One X.  Although mines white.  If you get one, get the brown/grey one. 

  7. Satbir1234567890 says:

    Considering the money factor u r spending a heck of money on a device that case note wins…n i love to watch videos on my cell note wins…..one x has less xownloading and uploading speed thN note……i have both the phones n now replacing one x with s3

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