Calling all Android Phone geniuses

The smartphone market has exploded in size in recent years with consumers being treated to a vast number of great handsets becoming available all the time. We are now often spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a new smartphone, especially for fans of the Android platform. Today we are looking for all the Android phone geniuses out there to share all their tips and tricks with our valued readers.

There are now some great Android handsets available or in the pipeline, but sometimes not all of us get the most out of our new hardware. We would like you to share ways that you may customize your handset to your way of liking. Do you install things such as custom ROMs that are often leaked ahead of official versions that are released like the recent Android ICS ROMs?

There are a growing number of great applications available for the Android platform and we recently saw the release of Instagram, but some of you were disappointed with the app and said there were already better ones available, so what are your favourite applications?

Also tell us how you back up your precious data stored on your handset whether it is to a PC or other method, any knowledge or tips that help other readers enjoy their Android hardware even more will be greatly be appreciated.


One thought on “Calling all Android Phone geniuses”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m no genius.  But I use MyPhoneExplorer to sync Outlook Contacts and Calendar to my Android phone.  It also has a nice backup feature.  This software is free, donation-ware, and it has made my move to Android so much easier.

     Take a look at Llama for location-based profiles or Tasker if you want more control over automation.  The latter is a bit pricey, though.

    And WhatsApp will let you avoid text messaging charges.

    Sadly, I’m not totally happy with any of the email clients I have tried so far.  Each one has its good points and bad points.  This includes K-9.

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