Instagram for Android disappointment Pixlr-o-matic alternative

Android users spent months waiting for popular iOS application Instagram to be released on the platform, and it was finally released a few days ago and saw millions of users quickly downloading it to their devices. There has been some users though disappointed with Instagram for Android and have wondered what all the fuss was about, and today we have an alternative application for you that many feel is better than Instagram.

Pixlr-o-matic for Android is also a free application that lets you add a number of different effects to you images that are either stored in your mobile device, or new images you take with your camera. It was awarded the 2011 ‘Best App Ever’ award for the Best Photo Editing App on Android by 148apps.com, and it has many plaudits from users and critics alike.

Users can add some fun retro effects to their photos with a simple tap of the screen to quickly turn their images into great looking vintage images, and editing is really simple adding effects, overlays, and borders in no time. There are over 2,000,000 different finishes that can be added to your photos to make them really standout, or you can simply leave them untouched before sharing.

You have a great range of options to share your images to a number of social networking websites that include Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Google+, Gmail, Picasa, email, and more. There is even the option of choosing the randomizer that will select an effect, overlay, and border for you.

Other features of the application include lighting effects, colour overlays, finished images can be saved back to your gallery in high resolution, and much more. You can find Pixlr-o-matic over at Google Play and let us know if you use any other similar apps that may be better.

Were you disappointed with Instagram?


One thought on “Instagram for Android disappointment Pixlr-o-matic alternative”

  1. José Devezas says:

    Personally, I think pixlr-o-matic has more options, but then again Instagram has an underlying social network, which makes it more than just a photo filter application. Still, it lacks Google+ support, which is a shame.

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