HTC Rhyme update & changelog, Ice Cream! Dream on

If you are over in the good old US of A and on Verizon with the HTC Rhyme, you might like to know that the Big Red is pushing out an update to your HTC Rhyme over the air , and is version 2.20.605.3. However if you are an HTC Rhyme owner hoping that this update will deliver the latest Android operating system called Ice Cream Sandwich, you are out of luck.

According to the guys over at Talk Android, the 2.20.605.3 update from Verizon for the HTC Rhyme isn’t the Android Ice Cream Sandwich update but rather just a tidy up and bug fix release, so it appears you still have a while to wait until you can play nice with ICS on the HTC Rhyme.

Apparently the 2.20.605.3 update for the HTC Rhyme should be rolling out over the air to the smartphone over the coming days, and brings the following changes…

Device features: Ringtones have been replaced with ‘Edit Home’ when pressing the menu key on the home screen, mobile networks are no longer disabled when using Power saver, device is enabled with Wireless Alert System, updated signal strength meter to 5.

Apps and widgets: the mail short cut now shows unread mail count, the handset now displays available music and delivers an option to buy ringtones from the MOD app when a user attempts to set a new ringtone via a populated list.

Dock features: an in-call volume control has now been added to Dock Mode along with an ‘All Apps’ option, default apps in Dock Mode have been now changes to ‘Phone’ and ‘Calendar’, and an issue of dock volume changing to 20 percent has now been resolved.

And that’s your lot, so are any of our readers that own the Verizon HTC Rhyme receiving this OTA update yet, and if so are you disappointed it isn’t Android Ice Cream Sandwich?

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