New iPhone 5 with 4-inch screen, now wake up

Much of the recent speculation regarding the next version of the iPhone has spoken about a possible increase in the handsets screen size. While many fans of the iPhone have long wished for a larger display nothing will be known until Apple make an official announcement about the device. There has been some talk that the new iPhone 5 will feature a 4-inch screen size, but some feel this will never happen.

According to a report on TNW the chances of having a 4-inch display on an iPhone are slim as it would mean every application developed for the current models would become obsolete, which would mean over 500,000 apps needing to be rebuilt from the ground up for them to work on a larger screen.

Also increasing the size creates the problem of maintaining Apple’s Retina level resolution, and it is being suggested that Apple would increase the length of the iPhone instead of the overall size of it. This would then allow a number of applications to just increase the view area between the top status bar and the bottom tab bar.

This solution does run into difficulty regarding applications that rely heavily on custom graphics across their interfaces, instead of list views or stock Apple components. This will mean they have to be rebuilt from the ground up, which will affect many of the App Store quality apps available.

Away from applications the current iPhone is the size it is after intensive Apple testing, and once placed in your hand its perfect size for you to reach the top corner of the handsets screen with your thumb when being used one handed. If the iPhone screen size was to get bigger and be widescreen it would make it a lot harder to reach all of the icons around the edge.

So for users that don’t have larger than average hands it would take more effort to reach all of the screen one handed, and over a day’s use would cause some hand fatigue. When trying out other handsets such as the Samsung Galaxy S2 and the Droid Bionic it was felt the screen too big to comfortably use the whole screen, which gets even worse for those with smaller hands.

If Apple were to change the aspect ratio to 9:5 it would allow the length to be increased to 3.49-inches, but allow the width to stay the same, and would change the comfortable shape of the screen into something that is closer to being widescreen, but Apple focuses on the iPhone camera being the only one users need and changing the aspect ratio would make viewing standard images a far worse experience let alone printing them.

It seems the iPhones 3.5-inch screen size is almost perfect for when using with one hand, but a 4-inch screen could work as long as it’s no longer. Having a 4-inch screen on the iPhone 5 would be a welcome jump in size, but away from usability it’s something many iPhone fans want to see. Users of the various larger sized Android handsets seem to get along fine. Do you think we will see a larger screen on the next iPhone?


16 thoughts on “New iPhone 5 with 4-inch screen, now wake up”

      1. Unitydragon says:

        apple is samsung. they make a lot of components for them all the way to their laptops. without samsung apple wouldn’t be anywhere, think about it, if they weren’t solid at what they do apple wouldn’t be using them. Can’t fault Samsung products really, their build quality is why apple use them to make serious parts of their products. Samsung is Better. Case closed. 

        1. I actually had my sister Samsung SII next to an iphone 4S, we can both see the differences in the clarity of the screen.  So no matter who makes the components Apple has the patent on their display so just because Samsung makes it doesn’t mean that they can use it in their products (hence all of the lawsuits flying back and forth).  Samsung is not better, it feels cheap and I don’t like their UI nor the Android OS.  I can’t wait to go back to an iPhone.  So glad that my carrier has iPhone now.

          1. Sampochin says:

             i feel you man, that feeling of knowing your going back to an iphone, no other phone has that

          2. Jada_coollv@yahoo.com says:

            I wish iphone larger to 5 inch screen like Galaxy Note. Now i get Note…it is so expensive but i love its screen size

  1. As a droid user I also hate the fact that all of these companies that make androids don’t support system upgrades.  If my phone is not 4 years old and has the power, speed and memory, why can’t I have the new OS.  Apple continues to allow iOS upgrades on phones a generation or two back.  That’s helpful to have the newer features.  Some of us don’t treat our phones like throwaways, and if the manufactures did a better job of upgrading their OS then maybe they’d have better brand loyalty.  If we’re stuck with the phones for 2 years but can’t upgrade the OS it leaves a bitter taste in your mouth.  You’ve paid for something that was hyped up as the best thing since sliced bread and 6 months later its obsolete!  Really?  No brand will ever come close to touching Apple!

  2. Fabian966 says:

    I think we should definitely have a larger screen in comparison to Samsung Galaxy II it makes sense to have a better viewing screen than a cramped screen. At the moment I am deeply considering the Samsung Galaxy II n the Note for my next upgrade from an iPhone to a Samsung.

  3. Anonymous says:

    That fact that the Galaxy Note has sold over 5 million units since Oct. 2011 over 3 million to Asian people whose hands are not NBA player size certainly says something. I was in Sams Club the other day and I saw at least 10 people of all ages on their cells using 2 hands to place calls or more likely texting. Apples controlling godlike need to tell their customers what they are allowed to have, in cell phone size for just one example is proof that I-owners are sheep or perhaps zoombie sheep. They could write Iphone on a pack of Camels and 100,000,000 would stand in line to buy them.

  4. Movieman says:

    I use my iPad 2/ 3G way more, I can actually SEE what I am doing on it. I call people on my iPhone 4 and use it when it’s not practical to use my iPad 2 . I decided to bypass the 4S and wait for the 5 or whatever it’s going to be. If its bigger or the same, I’ll be there waiting in line ! I will also by the New iPad when I sell my iPad 2 !

  5. Tomboii says:

    i wont get the new iphone if the screen isnt increase, ill stay with samsung, i love my s2, so much better then iphone 4s,but fancy a change,thats if the new iphone has a larger screen,

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