Kinect NUI for Windows Phone 8: Apollo or later?

Although current technology of mobile devices use touch, it appears that Microsoft is looking to the future of communication technology, and is currently working on a different kind of interface for future use in mobile devices and especially with the upcoming Windows Phone 8 devices.

According to the guys over at Vr-zone, having checked with several unnamed sources, the word is Microsoft is working on integrating Kinect NUI into their mobile platform with new Windows Phone 8 devices, and although it is only a development effort, word is the company is dedicating extra time and resources on building Kinect NUI (Natural User Interface) as a feature that could possibly launch with either the 1st or 2nd update to Windows Phone 8.

Apparently the tech is looking more mature than Microsoft thought, although there are still some caveats to be resolved before the tech can make it to the mobile space, so whether Kinect NUI for Windows Phone 8 will make it in Apollo or later remains to be seen.

It appears one of the largest challenges for Microsoft’s R&D is there is a bit of a lack of room on smartphones for Kinect cameras, which has three of them, one being an infrared camera, and apparently they can’t put an infrared camera on a smartphone and without one NUI will not work in dark.

The guys say that if Microsoft were to deliver a Kinect NUI daylight only version, the only competitor they would have is Sony as no one else has enough IP or development teams that could react on the innovation, so if Kinect NUI does surface on Windows Phone 8 devices one can expect Sony to follow suit at a later date.

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