Android vs Apple iPhone: Users argument saga

Android vs Apple iPhone is on the same wavelength as the Sony PS3 vs Microsoft Xbox, users will always defend their platform. We know that this article will strike a few moans and groans on both parties, but it happens and well worth talking about.

We have called this the “Android vs Apple iPhone: Users argument saga”, and no doubt comments will prove what we are saying here. Everyone has their own opinion about there smartphones, is the iPhone better than the Samsung Galaxy S2 etc, yet again it happens and we would like to know why the word “defensive” comes into play all the time.

Obviously there is a huge following of both iOS and Android and at times they will clash over differences, which at times get played out in an argument saga on social networks such a Google+ and Facebook, and although we have to stay out of such user arguments and remain impartial, we too at times have a difference of opinion, as personally I prefer Android while a couple of my colleagues prefer iOS, and the debate sometimes gets a bit heated.

The iOS faithful believe that Apple is god when it comes to mobile devices, mainly claiming that Apple takes stuff and makes it better, and that Apple gear such as the iPhone and Apple iPad can talk to other Apple gear like Apple TV and such.

The Android faithful love their platform because it is open, and thus doesn’t have the same kind of total strangling control that Apple likes to have over their gear, which makes the Android platform that much more customisable for users.

One of the big arguments with Android fans is that Apple is said to steal features from Android and claim them to be their own, whilst every Android user knows this is basically true with some features, but then it’s a bit of a two-way street when it comes to mobile features, as Android has copied some iOS features in the past also, trying to be diplomatic here and impartial.

No doubt when Apple gets round to delivering the iPhone 5, the iOS faithful will claim its the best smartphone since the mobile phone was invented, and better than any other device out there, but then Android also gets to claim such things when a new device such as the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S3 makes an appearance, so basically it’s a tit-for-tat scenario.

I guess it’s all down to a matter of loyalty, although judging by the iPhone 4S, Apple can basically push out an almost identical handset to the previous iPhone with just a couple of new features, call it new, and the iOS faithful will buy it no matter what.

Whereas, with Android, if you don’t particularly like one Android device there are always plenty more you can choose from, rather than just a single device like the iPhone.

Having spoken to a few iPhone fan-boys, it is quite obvious that once an iPhone fan-boy always an iPhone fan-boy or fan-girl, don’t want to be sexist here, and basically the same goes for Android. It’s really all down to a matter of personal preference I believe, yet I do have to say, at times it is quite enjoyable reading the arguments between an iOS fan and an Android fan, and have had a few myself in the past although not online.

So let’s have a discussion between our readers as I am sure there are those that love the iOS platform and those that love the Android platform, as to which devices are better and why you defend it. So feel free to voice your opinion on either platform to our comments area below, but keep it civil and no blood shedding…thanks.


8 thoughts on “Android vs Apple iPhone: Users argument saga”

  1. Jfphillips62 says:

    For me, it’s not just about the hardware/software. It’s also about the Apple’s greed and business ethics. What a lot of people don’t realise is that Apple take 30% of everything that goes through itunes and the Apple App Store. This includes 30% of in-App purchases. Google just take 10% of just app purchases and don’t take anything for in-App purchases. Apple also adopt bullying tactics by suing for copyright infringements left, right and centre. One example is that they prevented Samsung from selling their Galaxy Tab in Germany with a photoshopped image of the Galaxy Tab claiming that the design was identical to the Ipad.

  2. Beazleyjj says:

    iOS…..Apple is an AMERICAN company with AMAZING products designed by AMERICAN engineers, thats what makes them so great……Android is so flooded with Samsung throwaways/copycats, its a joke……

    1. Ian Holton says:

       Joke that a lot of people are enjoying going by the amount of Android phones that are used. I don’t think it helps with comments like that. It’s good to have choice and someone else choice is not a joke it is usually a informed decision as 18 months or two years is a long time to enjoy a ‘joke’.

    2. Samsung make the CPU/memory for iPhone4, and the CPU/Screen for iPad 3. So it maybe that Apple products are flooded with Samsung throwaways, and Samsung use their best hardware for their Android phones 🙂

  3. Brewski says:

    OK – So I’m a guy who always looks for the reviews, cost, utility and has no true affiliation to brand names.  I’ve evaluated technology for over 13 years for the private companies and the government so I try hard to be objective. 

    when the iPhone came out I had the LG XZ6400 clam shell phone that I could use as MP3 players, Divx video player, text, e-mail and of course phone so the cost of an iPhone seemed illogical but its utility as a smart phone and the user interface was simply perfect.   I do have Verizon withe the family plan and there was no way to migrate to AT&T

    So I bought an Android when I could get a discount and so did my kids/wife as our plans with locked in phones came up.

    For those who like their Android – it’s a poor excuse for an iPhone.  It crashes, locks up, sucks battery life, runs out of internal memory and the interface is a poor excuse for a Linux interface that is “you should know how to use it or get training versus intuitive”. 

    Simply stated if you use a comparative analysis of function they have similar features but there is simply nothing the Android does that the iPhone doesn’t do as good if not better.

    In short, I’ve listened to many people and I have not heard anyone say I wish I bought the Android instead of the iPhone but only a small group of people who have the Android have ever said I like my Android.  Most say it sucks! 

    you can talk all day long but the Android just doesn’t cut it.  I’m getting my iPhone today and will never look back…………Unless something else comes along

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