Figure app by Propellerhead is music genius

iOS users will be very happy with the cool but yet simple music app called ‘Figure’ by Propellerhead Software AB, it is a shame that this is not available on the Android platform just yet, it should be. The Figure app has to be one of our new music making favourites, in fact we have to say it is impressive to say the least.

We have installed this on our iPhone 4S and created a few tracks using the intuitive touch interface, the sound is amazing with quality to boot, sounds have been created by Reason. Music apps are popular, but this one at only 69p over on iTunes (App Store) is a bargain and well worth the download. You would think that for the low price of 69p you would be limited in the sounds it has to offer, but on the contrary users do get a wide range of bass, range, synths, leads, and drums, as well as a good range and scale steps on offer.

Love the way the app has been laid out; there are dedicated wheels as well as a recording facility to record your masterpiece track. Get the fingers busy by rolling; spinning, sliding and swiping, this is the cheap app that is a must.

The Figure app is best when using headphones, or plugged into a nice sounding stereo. Create a track at home, on the bus, at work (Please do not get caught at work or you will get a boss moaning). Main highlights include: Make songs with Drums, Bass and Lead Synth, Always stay in key and on the beat, Play by sliding your finger across the play pad, Tweak and twist your track on the fly, and No skills required all you need is a good ear.

Musicians app-tastic fun is all we can say please do watch the YouTube video provided below by PropellerheadSW. The only downside to the Figure app is the lacking ability to share your tracks on Facebook etc. Please do let us know if you have this app installed, would love to know what you think of it. We will let you know if the Figure app gets a release date for Android.


2 thoughts on “Figure app by Propellerhead is music genius”

  1. Jacob Jensen says:

    ….yes, if it was an android-app I would have downloaded it yesterday…too bad :-(…looking forward though for an android release…. (cross my fingers)

  2. Notv says:

    The only thing that I would like to see would be a way to turn the metronome off when you record the first ‘layer’. I like to use it in a ‘live’ situation with other devices which are already creating music at the same bpm and the sound of it is jarring…

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