Battlefield 5 gameplay demo through Google Glasses

The growth in the smartphone market in recent years has seen mobile gaming change forever and reach a new level. Modern technology has meant gamers can now play quality games on their handsets that have great graphics and gameplay, and today we have a demo of what Battlefield 5 could look like through Google Glasses.

The search engine giant recently revealed their augmented reality eyewear titled Project Glass, which according to MSNbc.com has led to many to come up with ideas for gaming applications. Currently no one has revealed anything official, but that hasn’t stopped some gaming fans coming out with some neat ideas.

Below you can see a video from There is aCanal who are two Israeli based filmmakers that like to create real life recreations of the game Battlefield, and there latest work is an idea of what Battlefield 5 would be like using the Google Glasses. The technology may not quite be ready for the next instalment of the popular game, but the version after that should have full augmented reality.

This type of the augmented reality can be found on plenty of devices now, but current versions need the action to be viewed through the lens of a device, such as a mobile gaming console or a smartphone that can be less than immersive.

Having fully fledged augmented reality gaming will not only bring new levels of game play, but anti gamer groups will be complaining that violent titles such as Battlefield 5 will be too realistic. With technology such as this smartphone gaming would look visually stunning, but seeing people playing games wearing glasses such as these would be a funny sight while they are sitting on a bus or a train.

Would you like to see mobile gaming via the Google Glasses?

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