New liquid metal iPhone is lighter option

The new iPhone 5, which is expected to launch soon is a complete and utter mystery, no one knows for sure what specs, design or technology it will hold. So to add more confusion to the mix, how about a new liquid metal iPhone that is the lighter option in materials?

Patently Apple have already looked into the special purpose of ‘Liquid metal Projects; which was very interesting indeed and in-depth at that, and now they have news reporting about new lightweight materials, looking more into the use of liquid metal for smartphones.

We have always said all along that new smartphones need that little extra love, such as kinetic energy charging, but using unprecedented materials for the new iPhone aka iPhone 5 or possibly the iPhone 6 using liquid metal is something well worth thinking about. Using this material would make the handset very light, highly resistant to impacts and the possibility of much thinner iPhones.

The new Samsung galaxy S3 is launching in May and the new iPhone debuting in June at WWDC, at the moment the current iPhone 4 has been manufactured with a glass front and back making the phone a little on the heavy side, critics and customers have blasted the weakness when dropped resulting in cracked screens, so a new iPhone design and adding materials such as liquid metal would bring fresh air to the table.

If the iPhone 5 had a new design and used liquid metal, would the craze for this Apple handset reach new high sales level?

Source – ETNews via Patently Apple


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