Paranormal activity with iPhone 4S dropped calls

I know that when a new smartphone hits the mobile space there is always a few glitches to iron out as no handset hits the public perfect in every way, and more often than not there are numerous bugs to be sorted out before a device runs as it should. When it comes to the iPhone however, as Apple gear is claimed to be the best there is, by the iOS faithful anyway, it is a tad surprising that when Apple pushes out a new iPhone such as the iPhone 4S, the device still suffers from numerous problems.

Since the release of the iPhone 4S, the device has seen its fair share of problems, one of which was outbound audio calls, another was slow speeds on Sprint, but all sorted once Apple put their mind to it.

Then there were other problems with the iOS smartphone such as complaints of weak battery performance, Apple’s voice assistant Siri not being able to understand some user’s accents, tinted screen problems, camera issues, and many more in the past.

However, even though the iPhone 4S is undoubtedly a great smartphone, albeit not that much different from the iPhone 4, the main problem with the iPhone 4S seems to be with dropping calls.

We at Phones Review have received numerous amounts of emails claiming that there is paranormal activity with iPhone 4S dropped calls! Ok, perhaps paranormal activity is a little on the silly side to explain things, but we have noticed this on our very own iPhone 4S, such as the call going blank but still showing a signal, or a line dies and then someone else other than the person you called is on the line…strange.

Obviously almost every smartphone will at times see dropped calls, but it appears that the iPhone 4S sees more than its fair share when it comes to dropping calls.

So with this in mind we’d like to ask our readership if they have been experiencing any problems with their iPhone 4S, and especially with dropped calls, and why you think the device drops so many of those calls; so feel free to voice your opinions to our comments area below.


5 thoughts on “Paranormal activity with iPhone 4S dropped calls”

  1. Max Wright says:

    Yes, it is happening to me. Sometimes I will have 5 or 10 calls without issue, then suddenly i will go through a batch of calls that is just keeps dropping after about 10 seconds. In the past it would sometimes hold for a few minutes then drop.

    So frustrating.Any suggestions, it is driving me nuts.

  2. Marla B says:

    Not only am I having trouble with dropped calls, I am experiencing entire drops in service.  I will lose service when I am in an area that with my last iPhone 3 I would have full bars!  The other day while traveling, I lost service in one town, and didn’t pick it back up until I reached a town 2 hours away.  Interesting that I passed two towers on the way!  I actually have a tower one mile from my home and will lose service there.  The other day I had car trouble and was only 2 miles from a tower but couldn’t call for help.  Apple has been no help at all, so far.  I hope someone here has an idea!!!

  3. Simone says:

    YES!   This is happening to me on my new iPhone 4S.  The call still appears to be live but suddenly it goes “blank”.   Today, for example, I was on the phone multiple times with no problem and then on my last call I lost my caller 5 times in a row.   What a POS…   I miss my blackberry!!!

  4. MsMum says:

    Yes, me too.  I used Google to search for advice on how to stop it from dropping calls and found this page.  I was blaming other people but now I am pretty sure it is my 4S. I was constantly having to call back my partner during an extremely important phone call yesterday, and every couple of minutes or so, the call kept dropping.  It also did it twice this morning.
    I occasionally get the frozen screen, but more often than not, I get ‘call failed’ with the option to call back.
    I am annoyed as I bought this phone outright and spent a lot of money.  Bottom line, it is a PHONE ahead of all the other stuff it claims to be.  If I can’t make or receive phone calls, I may as well have saved £300 and bought an iPod touch instead…

  5. Ghinesward says:

    I’m a little late to the party here, but YES, I have had unbelievable problems with dropped calls. (I literally can’t keep a connection more than 3 or 4 minutes.)  Verizon has replaced the phone and it still happens.  HOWEVER, it doesn’t happen with my husband’s 4.  Verizon’s “solution” is to downgrade me to a 4.  Not sure how this will all work out in the end.  I received my iPhone 4 today, and sure enough, no dropped calls.  I was on the phone for over an hour with no trouble.

    So, all, an iPhone 4 will probably fix it.  Unfortunately.

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