Cannot find RadioShack AT&T HTC One X Pre-order page

If you are over in the good old US of A, and are contemplating snapping up the HTC One X on AT&T, the word is you could pre-order the HTC One X from RadioShack as of yesterday the 22nd with and availability date of the 6th of May, and price tag of 149-bucks if pre-ordered, but there seems to be one slight problem with that.

According to the guys over at Android Central they received a few images in their mail stating RadioShack would put the HTC One smartphone up for pre-order as of Sunday the 22nd of April, however when hitting up the RadioShack website to pre-order the Android Ice Cream Sandwich handset, it appears there is no pre-order page for the device.

Apparently according to the guys, those that are interested in pre-ordering the HTC One X from RadioShack can use a code on their receipt to get free downloads of 7 songs by Cold Play, and includes a RadioShack exclusive live recording of “Charlie Brown.”

The images received also reveal that Radio workers will get intensive training on the HTC One X so they can answer all your questions about the device.

All well and good, however, if one simply can’t locate the pre-order page for the HTC One X on the RadioShack website, just how is one supposed to pre-order the handset? Our readers can of course check this out themselves if they wish by hitting up RadioShack, but I simply can’t find the pre-order page anywhere.

So if you do happen to search the RadioShack website for that elusive HTC One X pre-order page and happen to locate it, or if you simply cannot find it, feel free to