Logos Quiz Game vs Draw Something: Your Answers

Two of the biggest apps right now and taking the world by storm are the Logos Quiz game and Draw Something games, both addictive in their own ways and hard to put down. Today we thought we’d take a look at the Logos Quiz Game vs. Draw Something in a bid to find some answers on which is your favorite.

We’ve already posted on the Logos Quiz Game and also about Draw Something and mentioned the addictive quality of these iOS apps. How many of us have thought ‘just one more go’ as we fight the lure of sleep and still been awake an hour or so later! These apps are both hugely popular and if you’ve yet to check them out we’ll give you a brief rundown of each.

First the Logos Quiz Game (iTunes link here) seems to have struck a real chord with many people, driving them wild in their bids to find the correct answers. The idea is to identify company logos with 500 brands featured and clues and hints offered to help you out. It also gives you the option to get friends involved and ask them for help if you get stuck or challenge them to see who knows more. It’s a free app for iOS devices running iOS 3.2 or later. The Logos Quiz Game can totally hook you in but can infuriate as well as entertain when you just know you’ve seen a particular logo many times before but can’t quite place it.

Draw Something has been a phenomenally successful app (iTunes link here). This is another free app and is compatible for iOS devices running 3.0 or later. Some of you may remember the old board game Pictionary and this is very similar in that you have to draw an image from three options offered and the person you’re playing the game with has to attempt to guess what it is.

It sounds easy but for those not artistically gifted (ahem…like myself), it’s rather challenging. It can be hugely entertaining though and has provided our household with a lot of laughs, especially as we are all equally artistically challenged. Also, I for one have been heartened at just how many people I’ve played who are totally without artistic merit too, so really and truly this is a game that anybody can get involved with.

Both games are very different but have a vast and widespread appeal with people across all walks of life. We’d like to know if you play the Logos Quiz Game or Draw Something and if so which you prefer? Which one do you find the most addictive and play the most? Maybe you love one of these games but can’t get along with the other one for some reason? Let us know with your comments so we can see which app comes out on top.

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