Android 4.0.4 factory images for Nexus phones

The Android platform is often criticised for its fragmentation and slow roll out of new operating systems once they have been released, but one thing it has got going for it is its openness and the collection of custom ROMs that are available for the various handsets, and today we have news of some Android 4.0.4 factory images for Nexus phones.

Recently we saw the Galaxy Nexus Android 4.0.4 update begin rolling out to devices, which according to Techzek made Nexus users happy in the knowledge they won’t be left behind with regards to updated firmware. Now Google has released factory images or stock ROMs and have put them on a web page in case any Galaxy Nexus owner wants to download them.

Any users that may have used a custom ROM on their handset but now want to bring the handset back to its stock operating system will find the information useful. The images are not just available for Nexus owners in the US, as it covers handsets around the world.

The Android operating system has long been the subject of modifications since it was first released, and there are a large collection of hackers that are dedicated to bringing custom ROMs to Android handsets. Millions of users prefer these custom ROMs that are packed with features not found in the stock build of the OS, and while Google and Android handset manufacturers may not openly support these developers, they will be glad they exist to help them build the hype for their devices.

These developers can often receive leaks of official Android builds from handset manufacturers, which are often claimed to be from an anonymous sender. If you have the urge to restore your Nexus back to its original image after using an Android 4.0.4 custom ROM, Google has put all the images here along with instructions.

Do you use a custom ROM on your Android device?


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  1. Simonblakeway says:

    I’m still waiting for the 4.0.4 update on my UK galaxy nexus, The experience I’m getting from google is that there worse than Apple for updates. Sort it out Google

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