Learn from 9 BBC Bitesize GCSE apps

If you’re a student studying for GCSE’s you’ve probably heard of BBC Bitesize resources offering free online study support. Bitesize helps with school work and also exams over a variety of platforms and today we thought we’d bring you news on 9 different BBC Bitesize GCSE iOS apps that could really help out those who are studying right now.

All of the following are BBC GCSE Bitesize Last-Minute Learner apps in a variety of subjects, Science, Additional Science, Geography, Schools History Project, Religious Studies, Business Studies, Modern World History, Maths Foundation and Maths Higher. All of these apps are priced at £1.49 ($1.99) and all are compatible for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad running iOS 3.1 or later.

Each app is a revision aid laid out in digestible bite-sized chunks and offers the user the ability to add notes and bookmarks for reference. There are multiple choice quizzes and the option to save the results as well as share results with friends. We’ll give you a brief rundown of what each app covers. Simply click on the titles to go directly to each iTunes link.

Firstly GCSE Science Bitesize covers some of the main topics for the AQA exam including Biology Unit B1a Human Biology, Biology Unit B1b Evolution and Environment, Chemistry Unit C1a Products from Rocks, Chemistry Unit C1b Oils, Earth and Atmosphere, Physics Unit P1a Energy and Electricity and Physics Unit P1b Radiation and the Universe.

GCSE Additional Science Bitesize covers Biology, Chemistry and Physics for the AQA exam.

GCSE Geography Bitesize covers Natural hazards, Rocks, weathering and glaciation, Rivers, Coasts, Weather and climate, Ecosystems, Population, Urban settlement and changing countryside, Global economy and an unequal world, Tourism and Sustainable development.

GCSE Schools History Project Bitesize covers Medicine through time, Crime, punishment and protest, The American West 1840-95, Germany 1918-45 and Britain 1815-51.

GCSE Religious Studies Bitesize covers Central Christian beliefs, History and Christian life, Sacraments, Holy days, Wealth and poverty, Medical ethics, War, peace and justice, Family, relationships and gender and Global issues.

GCSE Business Studies Bitesize covers Business types and objectives, Business production, Business finance, People in business, Business and marketing and the Business environment.

GCSE Modern World History Bitesize covers the First World War 1890—1918, the League of Nations 1919-39, Russia in Revolution 1917-41, Germany 1918-45, the US 1919-75, the Second World War 1939-45, Superpower relations since 1945, Britain 1900-39 and Britain 1939-79.

GCSE Maths Foundation Bitesize covers Number, Algebra, Shape, space and measures and Handling data.

Finally GCSE Maths Higher Bitesize covers Number, Algebra, Shape, space and measures and Handling Data.

Hopefully these apps will provide you with just the right help you need to revise and make all that information sink in so that you’re ready for exam time. Do you already use any of these BBC GCSE Bitesize apps and if so would you recommend them to others who are currently studying? Maybe you’re going to try one out now, in which case let us know what you think?

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