iOS firmware & Siri security warning

Many of us love the work that the jailbreak community does on our behalf, but there are some hackers out there that are more interested in gaining our personal information and identity for various unsavoury reasons, and today we have an iOS firmware and Siri security warning.

Apple restricts access to its iOS platforms to prevent developers getting access to its systems, and also keep user’s private data safe from prying eyes, and as Jailbreak Untethered are reporting Congress often urges Apple and other electronic companies to increase security levels on their products, and the company recently warned users against using the company’s Unique Device Identifier.

UDID is a series of letters and numbers that is used by the company and developers to uniquely identify your iDevice, and the warning comes after hackers were able to access user’s data through their UDID that could compromise all of your information. There is another warning that Apple may not be aware of currently that could compromise your personal information.

When consumers first purchase an iDevice they register their name as the owner of the hardware, so your name also becomes your iPhone’s name. Once you have registered the handset with your name you then add your number into your contact’s list with your name as a contact so you don’t forget it. This may seem a harmless action but it could be the gift that hackers have been looking for, as they only need a normal application to gain access to your contact’s list.

Since they will already know your handsets registered name they will be able to get hold of your number and then get all the information they need from your handset. If you have the Siri assistant feature you will have to be even more careful, as if you are looking to find out one of your contacts birthday and Siri will ask you for their number. Once this number is entered it gets saved in the Siri database, which provides another route for the hackers.

The exact sequence a hacker needs to access your iPhone data begins with getting the devices registered name then accessing your contact list, then searching the list for your name along with your number and other info associated with it. The steps can then be repeated with the rest of the numbers in the contact list via the specific app that is installed on the device.

There are ways that users can avoid this issue by changing your iPhone’s name that only can be done via the iOS 5 software by going to Settings > General > Information > About then you can change the name into any other nickname. Also you can change the name via iTunes in the Devices section via the Edit icon.


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