New iPhone 2012 metal unibody needed like Mac Air

The new iPhone 2012, thought to be named the iPhone 5, should be released with a design that wows its customers. When the MacBook Air was released the metal unibody construction was a thing of class, maybe this is what is needed to turn heads. Today we’re considering the next iPhone design and want to get an idea of what you would like to see too.

We’ve seen many concepts for new iPhone designs, some of which have been pretty impressive but of course none of us yet know what is coming. Previously we’ve spoken of how crucial we feel it is that the iPhone 5 has a completely new design, following the sense of letdown that many people felt when the iPhone 4S turned up with the exact same look as its predecessor. Although that didn’t harm sales of the iPhone 4S we still feel that it may have sold even more with a new design and think that Apple would be making a big mistake if it doesn’t set out to impress with a completely overhauled look this time.

Of course the iPhone 5 will still shift in huge numbers, almost regardless of what it looks like but imagine the potential phenomenal success if Apple manages to make people sit up and really take notice with a radical new appearance. The unibody build of the MacBook Air was something that really attracted buyers when it was first released and the design was so sleek that it still continues to impress. This is why we feel that a new Apple smartphone with a slight curvature and made of very thin metal that looks great, feels fantastic and is very light indeed would be a huge step forward and something that many potential iPhone 5 customers would love to see.

There will be some of you at this point no doubt considering that the hardware and software will always be more important and of course for many that’s true. Some of the expectations for the iPhone 5 for example include an A5X or even A6 processor, improved camera, possible LTE connectivity and the next major operating system iOS 6, but while all of these inclusions are desired and would be big selling points, we still feel the importance of a brand new design cannot be overlooked.

You may have your own ideas of how Apple could amaze and please us this time around, such as a unibody design as we’ve mentioned, maybe in dazzling silver or gunmetal grey as new color options? We’d like to hear from you about how you would like the iPhone 5 to look and what Apple could bring to the table to really make us gasp with admiration. Have you some suggestions for some fundamental and sweeping design changes? If so we’d love to hear them so let us know by sending your comments.


One thought on “New iPhone 2012 metal unibody needed like Mac Air”

  1. David Hill says:

    How about a battery that lasts a few days standby, and would 30hrs usage battery life hurt? I’ve had an iPhone since the 3G came out and I constantly go back for the newer and better, but it’s time to bring some of that innovative focus back to giving us a phone that has these cool features and actually performs with them for a respectable time!