What the New iPhone (5) will look like

The Apple iPhone 5 continues to dominate tech headlines despite the fact that many other impressive smartphones will be released before it. We’ve told of rumored specs, features and much more about the new iPhone (5) but one thing we haven’t concentrated on much yet is what the device will look like.

Although we’ve heard all sorts of speculation as to what the iPhone 5 design may be like, nothing has been consistent and so far most of us have no idea about its cosmetic appearance. Different factors such as an all-glass design, teardrop shaped form factor, larger phone and much more have been discussed but the one thing we’re pretty sure of is that it will look different to the iPhone 4S. When the iPhone 4S came to fruition looking exactly the same as the iPhone 4 many thought it would dent sales. The iPhone 4S has still seen phenomenal sales though so that didn’t happen but we don’t think Apple will risk the same design yet again.

So let’s take a look at some stunning images of the iPhone 5 to make you drool. Unfortunately you may be disappointed as these are the latest concept designs and although we reckon many would like this to be Apple’s actual iPhone 5 design, Apple is (as usual) keeping that a closely guarded secret, for now at least. These images though are inspiring stuff and were brought to our attention by Concept Phones, sourced from ADR Studio.

Their vision of the iPhone for 2012 is a SIM-free device and the concept supports 4G LTE connectivity without the need for a SIM card. A new audio section and panel speakers are also incorporated and the controls are at the top and the edge. This mock-up has an aluminum unibody and even has three different screen strips, one showing notifications, the bottom one for apps and multitasking and the center serving as a desktop area. A motion sensor activates the Home button and an LED-powered edge could display who’s calling or the battery life of the iPhone 5 in a choice of different colors.

The display looks to be around 4.6-inches, as has recently been speculated for the real iPhone 5, although we feel it’s not likely to be quite as big as that, and the device is slimmer than slim. The images we’re showing here are from ADR Studios (link above) with wallpapers by Alessandra Cammarano and it’s also imagined that this concept iPhone 5 is running iOS 6 and features an 8, 10 or even 12-megapixel camera. We think many readers will agree that this iPhone depiction is absolutely beautiful. It’s sexy, sleek and sophisticated and we want one! Unfortunately that won’t happen but for now drink in these images and enjoy! We’d like to know what you think of the look of this new iPhone and would you like Apple to replicate it for the genuine iPhone 5? What are your favorite parts of this design?


23 thoughts on “What the New iPhone (5) will look like”

  1. I wish they’d stop showing this ugly phone as the new iPhone.  If it is I will never buy it!  I’ve been wanting to get rid of my droid but not until the new one comes out. This phone looks like a hideous craptastic droid.  Stop associating apple with this phone.  It’s awful and if they made it they’d lose their market share.  We are not all sheeple!

    1. Ducsang Vo says:

      This design does not bring any feeling to me at all. It looks like Samsung or Window phone. Something should change such as the shape of the phone & something should not be change such as home button. Please do not ever change the position of the home button. That is something like a trademark to iphone. We must have a trust in Jonathan Ive. He should know that he must bring something different to the table this time. Come on Jonathan, show me your magic once again!!!!!

  2. I can tell you one thing… it wont have a 128GB storage space. However, it will have a screen size around 4.0 inches, a better and upgraded version of siri, a retina display with 1080ps, micro SIM card, a new form factor… not curved, 4gLTE with 3g capabilities(option switching), a better camera with a higher # of mega pixels, and more. But i cant tell you because of the apple code of conduct. i have seen the iPhone and its capabilities… and you people are in for a treat.

  3. Tmpp92584 says:

    This phone is so unrealistic. Led lights on the sides? Apple doesn’t put things in just for a gimmick. Oh the colors can be set to be caller specific? Tell that to the business world who wants a professional device, not a light show. The back of this phone does not look comfortable to hold or put down on the table for that matter. When you would try to type on end buttons it would flop back and forth from side to side. Three separate retina screens would mean three separate connectors for each. Not very space conscious given the fact that you’re going to need more battery power. Please stop posting this garbage and trying to trick people who don’t regularly follow these articles.

    1. Njh-ox says:

      it says 3 seperate strips, not 3 seperate screens, it means the screen is divided into 3 sections top for time & notifications , middle for apps (desktop) and bottom for the mock home button and the key apps.

  4. ChrisC says:

    Not a huge fan of that, the design tries to hard. Where is the simplicity other than now physical home button. Good 3D skills none the less

  5. loch says:

    I agree with chrisc, i have always been a fan of the physical homenbutton but he rest of the design i think is pretty cool.
    My answer jde’s queston is here will be  new way to reset. 

  6. SABA says:

    I’m waiting for the iPhone to get smaller, lighter, thinner and stronger. All the iPhones so far haven’t been “Pocket Friendly”, “Grip Friendly” or “Smash/Break Proof”. How about “Water Proof” too??? Sim free is good, however, there’s already a lack of “consumer confidence” with storage in the “Intrusive Cloud Drives”, it’s not just gonna be the Government that can “Track” every move you make, where you go, bank accounts etc… Also please, let the storage space be endless and limitless, I would also like to store ALL my entire MUSIC/MOVIES collection etc, so that I don’t have to keep both an iPod and iPhone in my pocket etc. Released Technology is moving way slow, why hasn’t Apple or others covered my “Featured Requests” already?????????????????   

  7. guest says:

    this is crazy the neww  iphone looks like and android and i dont like android i thought it was going to be a hole lot better i rather stick with my iphone 4 i thought the i phone 5 was goin to be the best i like how it has the color but it looks just like and android

  8. Crystal says:

    this fictional design is indeed attractive and just by looking at it my automatic thought is “i gotta have it!” but truthfully speaking, i think the current iphone versions are safer than this one and that says a lot! there is no way possible that this design is more pocket-proof, or isnt going to smash into a million pieces the moment it slips out of your hand etc. what i would like to see in the new iphone is a bigger and STRONGER screen, text wrap and adjustments when zooming in on a page, more case colors than just black and white, a more efficient battery, a slimmer body and it would be nothing short of awesome if it were a hell of a lot lighter in weight! i have never cracked my screen but almost eveyone that i know has and it primarily comes from pocket injuries. that is an issue that apple should be striving to fix. it is soooo frustrating when you go to a website and you have to constantly adjust the screen

  9. Crystal says:

    and the text and then youre constantly going left to rigt to read it all because apple has yet to accomadate its users in this manner that android has. most phones are black and frankly im bored with it. apple made its crowds roar when they announced that they were going to be producing white phones as well. now its years later and its still white and black phones which other companies have began producing as well. ipod sales increased when colors became available so perhaps apple should produce its latest iphone in white, black, and two of the most popular selling ipod colors. im pretty much obsessed with apple products and its a bummer to know that the the android that i bad once upon a time had a battery that lasted longer for me than my iphones. im a heavy phone user and i find myself charging my phone numerous times a day and if the new iphone has a better battery id be elated

  10. Crystal says:

    and with android constantly making new smartphones that are larger than iphones AND so much lighter is something that apple needs to think bout. when you pick up an iphone 4/4s in your left hand and a new droid in your right, pretty much think that a brick is in your left. ooooh!!! and facetime capabilities without wifi would be a welcomed change!
    whatever apple decides, i just hope that they start making more efficient phones and it would be freaking amazing if they found someone else to present the new iphone than tim cook…

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