Calling celebrities via Dial a Star is expensive

Since the boom in reality television programs in the last few years we have seen a number of participants from the programs become stars. Some of these disappear quicker than they were first discovered, and some of them look at various ways to try and prolong their fame but calling these celebrities via Dial a Star can be quite expensive.

If you have ever felt the need to get direct contact with a number of D-list celebrities Dial A Star could be your answer, and as an article on Queerty.com is reporting it features a list of out of work actors, and reality stars among others.

The likes of Z list celeb turned porn star Chris Crocker is among the list of higher paid celebrities that are commanding an impressive $20 a minute for a chat. Fifty percent of the fee seemingly goes to the websites founder, but taking this into account if he managed to work a forty hour week on the phone he would receive a nice $24,000.

Also on the long list of stars available for a chat is openly gay soap actor/artist/author Thom Bierdz, who also earns $20 a minute for chatting to fans, which compares to the likes of Tila Tequila, but is a full $8 more than Octomom Nadya Suleman.

While Dina Lohan gets $5 more, but the cheapest star on the list is Domenico Nesci from the MTV reality show That’s Amore, who charges only $6 a minute for a chat. If you fancy chatting to any of the stars or want to see who is available click here.

Have you ever called anyone from Dial A Star?

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