BlackBerry World 2012, new direction to win hearts

It’s no secret that RIM has had more of a struggle to propel its BlackBerry brand in recent times but with BlackBerry World 2012 taking place in May it seems the company is going all out to make a fresh impact. RIM has set out its stall to head in a new direction in an effort to win hearts.

With shares down in 2012, RIM is trying to show positivity after recently changing management at the top level and the company knows it needs to make the most of the BlackBerry World opportunity to firmly establish new CEO Thorsten Heins and set out what the future holds. With that in mind RIM has released a video to YouTube, which you can view below this story, about BlackBerry World this year and why people should attend.

Patrick Spence of BlackBerry tweeted about the YouTube video and RIM has already said that developers at BBWC will be able to get their hands on prototype devices using the new BlackBerry 10 OS. It’s odds on then that we’ll see BlackBerry 10 in action and perhaps some of the new smartphones due out later in 2012.

Rory McNeill, VP of Product Marketing spelled out just how far-reaching BlackBerry 10 will be, talking of how it will impact developers, public sector customers, enterprise customers, general consumers and more, saying, “We’re going to start to share the story and the direction and the vision for BlackBerry as a company,” according to Mobile Syrup.

For the many people waiting to see if RIM sinks or swims over the next few years, it will certainly be interesting to see what the company has to offer at BlackBerry World 2012 and Mobile Syrup even feel there’s a possibility that RIM may re-brand the company as BlackBerry, which on the face of it wouldn’t be a bad idea.

We’d like to know if you think RIM has left it to late to head in a new direction? Or maybe you think the company has plenty of options left to turn its fortunes around again? Why not let us know your thoughts on this subject.

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