Voting hype for iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy S3

We’ve written plenty of articles now about the two most-awaited smartphones coming this year, the Apple iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S3 (or S III). From comments we’ve received we’ve noted that people seem to be very firm enthusiasts of one or the other of these so today we’re asking which smartphone grabs your attention and which you’d vote for.

Another thing we’d like to know from readers is whether a preference for the iPhone 5 or Galaxy S3 comes from the hardware or how much the iOS or Android operating systems influence your decision. Even though nothing is yet official about the hardware, plenty of you already seem to have made up your mind as to whether your next choice of smartphone will be the iPhone 5 or Galaxy S3. Since neither of these devices has yet been announced the specs and features we’ll mention are not yet confirmed but nevertheless can give us an idea of what to expect.

As a brief reminder of major specs and features anticipated we’ll tell you that the iPhone 5 looks almost certain to have LTE connectivity, a larger display, the A5X processor (as on the new iPad), or even a step up to an A6 processor and an improved camera. The Galaxy S3 could feature an Exynos quad-core processor, a 10 or even 12-megapixel camera, a larger 4.8-inch Super AMOLED Plus display, LTE support and NFC.

As far as designs go we’ve heard various rumors for the iPhone 5 but no general consensus about what’s coming. However we’d be surprised if Apple doesn’t come up with a new design as some were disappointed last year when the iPhone 4S had exactly the same look as its predecessor. The Galaxy S3 looks as though it will be ultra slim and again not much has been said about the cosmetic appearance of the handset although we have heard rumblings of a ceramic casing.

However, as we mentioned earlier in this article, it may not be the hardware that wins the day in the end. People seem to be very positively in the iPhone 5 camp or Galaxy S3 camp. Not many at all seem to be torn between the two and we feel this is mainly down to a definite preference between the iOS or Android platforms. The iOS vs. Android argument is the real divide between these two smartphones and if you prefer one rather than the other you’re not likely to be swayed to the alternative.

The iPhone 5 could release with iOS 5.1, as just became available with the new iPad. However there are two streams of belief about a release date for the iPhone 5. Most industry insiders seem to think it will be either in June after Apple’s WWDC or in fall, a year after the release of the iPhone 4S. If it arrives in the summer it’s likely the iPhone 5 will launch on iOS 5.1. However if it doesn’t appear until the fall then it’s certainly possible that iOS 6 might arrive with the next iPhone.

The Galaxy S3 on the other hand is likely to release with Android 4.0 ICS, which became available at the end of last year. Although a release date is not confirmed for the Galaxy S3 either, most expect it at any point between April and July. As the new Android OS, 5.0 Jelly Bean, is not due until the fall it seems pretty certain that the Galaxy S3 will release tasting of Ice Cream Sandwich.

So what we really want to hear about is this. Based on all the hype so far about these two smartphones and the usual iOS vs. Android debate, which of these two devices would you really love to own? Will it be the iPhone 5 or the Galaxy S3 that gets your vote? Perhaps you could also let us know why you so positively prefer one and not the other or maybe you’re one of the few who will have a hard job making a choice? Send your comments to let us know.


40 thoughts on “Voting hype for iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy S3”

  1. Shehbazs24 says:

    definately we all waiting for the release date of these two super smart phone, n hope it will not disappoint us, most probably i think i-phone 5 is not a bad option for puchase. i will say, the phone wihch first lauch n available in stores that one i m going to purchase, whether it will samsung galaxy s3 or i-phone5….

  2. Windows Phone.

    iPhone and Android are so similar they are boring. Android consumes to much battery. iPhone is a wallet locked garden. I prefer Android over iPhone and WP over Android. Sadly Microsoft is doing things just terrible. Not enough quality apps, not enough market, and a wallet locked garden for their market store as well.

    So I guess my next phone is going to be Android. Open and free, you can buy apps from anywhere and there are huge, every business I know has an android app over anything else first.

  3. Matthew_wiggins says:

    Galaxy s3 all the way, ios is restrictive and reminds me of all the xbox fans that have inferior hardware to ps3 yet believe its better

  4. Richard Hill says:

    Has to be the S3  – Although tbh I may go for the HTC one X  -  Much prefer the Sense UI over Touchwiz (and yes I know I can change the UI but would rather not have the hassle)

    I just think it amazing that all the hype is over the S3 V IPhone5  -  The simple fact of the matter is that is you prefer the iOS system then you are tied into Apple and tied into going for the Iphone, whereas if you prefer Android (Or WP as previous poster mentioned) then there is a much wider range of phones available and therefore everybody should be able to find a phone that ticks enough boxes to make it a no-brainer purchase.  After all not everybody wants/needs camera’s to enable video calls etc or indeed a 4/8/12/etc Megapixel camera on the phone, Some people will require a larger amount of storage than others.

    Also the fact that the iPhone always seems to be the most expensive in regards to contract then the fact that a lot of people may not be able to afford £40+ per month effectivley “forces” them to go for a different phone.

  5. Bohannon67 says:

    Galaxy S 3 wins hands down.Superior tech in the gorgeous Super AMOLED display, ultra slim and quad core.Also Android has the most free apps going.

    Can’t wait for the latest Samsung flagship.

  6. Projectgilda says:

    S3 all the way. The irony, of course, is that iPhoney peeps don’t read such blogs (sweeping generalisation I grant you) and are blinkered in the not-so-techno apple way of thinking.

  7. Jaapwors says:

    SGS3, no contest.

    Iphone places you in the box and you are not allowed to do what they dont approve. Android is out of the box thinking.

    Android more free apps.

    Android much wider variety.

    Apple is for drones that think the phone will make them cool.

    Apple does have great design, but thats about it.

    Got to be sgs3

  8. Olivier Zanchetta says:

    S3 just because I don’t like Apple products. But that does not mean Apple products are bad! In fact Apple products are probably the best thing for people who are not technical, and they are quite pretty too. I just like raw power of Android.

  9. porg78 says:

    Samsung Galaxy S3. Android phones are a lot more open than iPhone i.e widgets etc. With an iPhone you have things displayed the way Apple want you to.

  10. Judas says:

    SG SIII for me too. The SII was simply the best smartphone to ever hit the shelves. Anything iPhone did, it just did better.

    Apple fans are constantly wowed by the inane. Take the ‘retina display’ for instance, isn’t it a joke that samsung’s super AMOLED outclasses that at nearly every turn? And voice dictation…. get with it Apple, I’ve been speaking to my droid for quite some time now. Fair enough, it doesn’t have a name, but if it did – it wouldn’t be Siri. That’s such a siri name!

    If all that is rumoured about the SIII proves true then, in the words of Mr T, I pitty the fool who goes out and buys an iPhone.

    But it’s not just about the fantastic camera, ridiculous processor speed, better screen and general hardware that the iPhone lacks. It’s also about Android.

    More apps, open for devs, a back button, widgets, social media integration, flash, ability to set default apps, expandable/removable memory, auto email sync. iPhone was good 4 years ago. Now, it’s just a washed up has been desperately searching the comeback that will never arrive.

    Jaapwors is right, the people who buy iPhones now are buying them because everyone around them has one. And the people who queue up to buy iPhone first, well, they don’t have girlfriends.

  11. Jonathan says:

    I love Samsungs products. I use the Galaxy Nexus now and love it. LTE is nice…. but a luxury my battery can live without. Anything larger than a 4.6screen is too big. Anything smaller than 4″ is too small. Apple makes nice products, but are too restrictive and always late to the ball game. I have a 4s as well, and now its a glorified ipod …. either way, I’d so go with the S3!

  12. Robert says:

    Samsung Galaxy SIII as they operate as phones also, but the iphone or should have been called the idropcallsphone is an ipod primarily and then a phone but not a phone as it cannot seem to do both no matter what they say.

  13. Kingdongreen says:

    As a loooong time iphone user I’m switching mainly because of the bigger screen to read books. Plus want. Quad core/lte although I’m sure iphone will have it too. I lost my iphone 4 and can’t wait to get off this pos crackberry so the other factor is timing. At this point its also who comes out first.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Definitely the samsung galaxy s3. Android wins over ios every time just due to customization and development. Not to mention I have a sneaking suspicion the s3 will win in terms of specs as well. Only time will tell tho…

  15. Anonymous says:

    SGSIII all the way for me. The SGSII is currently the best phone on earth (besides the galaxy note).

    I hope they SGSIII will be as much of a step up from the SGSII as the SGSII was from the original Samsung Galaxy phone.

  16. David says:

    The SGSIII is for me because when a new SGS comes out the software is totally different which every different series of phones should, iPhone on the other hand hardly change there software when there new phones come out, theres hardly any difference between the iPhone 4 and the 4s apart from some little widgets like siri, couldnt you just text someone yourself insted of using siri, look at gingerbread on the SII and then compare it with ICS most probably on the SIII there is a big difference between both softwares and thats what you kind of expect with a top smartphone. the SII is the best phone in the world at the moment and it came out around february last year. I can’t wait untill the SIII will come out

  17. Rashybcool says:

    Galaxy SIII hands down. I have a Galaxy SII and i’m loving it. Apple has too many restrictions and I don’t really like the feel of iOS. Love the ability to customize android plus the apps and the big screen. Apple has great designs and build quality though but that alone doesn’t really do it for me.

  18. Sephiroth261 says:

    notice how everyone is going for galaxy s3, its my choice aswell but i think it should be noted when searching galaxy s3 on google this is the first url that shows up and when searching for iPhone 5 this url does not show up on first page of google search at all

  19. David says:

    last year when the s2 and the 4s came out everyone wanted the iPhone well now it has changed everyone wants the s3 instead of the iPhone 5, i think coz of the better software but i have always liked the s series of phones by samsung more than iPhone coz i think they work harder on there phones and it makes the best devise.

  20. Lingxy dylan says:

    Galaxy S 3 wins hands down.Superior tech in the gorgeous Super AMOLED
    display, ultra slim and quad core.Also Android has the most free apps

    Can’t wait for the latest Samsung flagship.lingxy dylan.

  21. No NFC , just nano-sim card support , LTE not supported in UK , no microsd card supported , not so much different with iphone4s … so my next phone is galaxy s3 , just waiting the price to fall further …. or may be i will buy galaxy s3 mini ..

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