Update coming for Sprint Galaxy Nexus connection problems

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus smartphone was one of the most highly anticipated smartphones and was first launched at the end of last year to huge acclaim. Many Sprint customers were pleased therefore when Sprint announced that it too would release the Galaxy Nexus and finally launched it only a few days ago. However it seems there have been some connection problems for the Sprint Galaxy Nexus although we now have news that an update is on the way.

Many Sprint customers might be just about to head out to get their hands on this long-awaited phone but it’s now apparent that some new owners of the Galaxy Nexus on Sprint are facing issues. Users have taken to the Sprint forums to say that they cannot get 3G connection and only have data via WiFi. Sprint owners already have the lack of LTE connectivity even though the Galaxy Nexus is LTE-equipped as Sprint’s LTE network has yet to be launched. Being faced with connection problems now that they have finally managed to obtain the Galaxy Nexus may just be a problem too far.

The lack of 3G data for some users is a huge issue. We were alerted to the problem by Android Police who tell the story of one of the people unable to get 3G connection. The user involved told how sometimes they managed to get a data connection briefly and the phone then displays ‘Connected’ but that this lasts for just a few seconds regardless of how many bars are displayed. This person has tried toggling the various options under Mobile Networks but still no joy. A quick look at the forums (here and here) shows plenty of others having the same difficulties.

However we can also tell you that Samsung and Sprint have acknowledged a problem and posted that they are working on a software update to sort things out. Unfortunately they cannot not give a date yet but did say that work is underway so that hopefully it will be available early next week. The post ended with an apology.

It does look as though this issue won’t be a problem for too much longer but we’d like to know how you feel about it. Are you a disappointed new Galaxy Nexus on Sprint owner? Has the problem put you off the device or maybe you’re just happy that a fix is on the way? Send your comments to let us know.


8 thoughts on “Update coming for Sprint Galaxy Nexus connection problems”

  1. The Hoff says:

    I have one of the bad phones.  I’m curious about how this could be a software problem unless this is an example of some GNEX phone having different hardware inside.  I remember a while back that the EVO 4G had some hardware variations (mostly the screen).  So this could be a driver-related problem.  If not, I’m frightened by the prospect of a half-baked software fix “solving” the problem.  I think I’m going to swap for a new one anyway.

  2. Krobohm says:

    I got the phone yesterday and they never mentioned this issue, at the store today they acted like it is my issue. I hate to say it I should have gone to verizon.

  3. Caleb says:

    I have been having problems with the phone since I got it. It has been 4 days of intermittent data connection. The people at the store are unaware of the problem. If there is no fix soon I am taking advantage of the 14 day return window and cancelling my contract.

  4. Dsmallsr says:

    Just bought the phone yesterday, and not happy at all! Even thinking about switching back to Galaxy S2. They’re things that you would think that Sprint and Google would have done to ensure a more successful launch.

  5. Abdul-Hameed Baig says:

    As if the launch of Sprint Galaxy Nexus before their 4G LTE Network was up and running wasn’t bad enough, now their customers are having problems connecting even to their 3G network…!!! Folks at Sprint & Samsung need to “WAKE UP” before they lose a whole swathe of customers to other carriers and phone brands…

  6. Anonymous says:

    I live in an Area where Sprint’s LTE is live in testing, so I can get that on my Galaxy Nexus, but currently I can very rarely connect to the 3G service which is extremely disappointing. Sprint said they were working on an update, and until it is out, I won’t be able to have 3G data, although I can still make calls and text.

  7. MG says:

    I bought my phone day 1 and extremely disappointed about this poor launch. I’m going to give them this week to fix the issue then consider another phone.  These are basic testing fundamentals that should have already been discovered and addressed prior to a customer launch.  What makes it bad is how when you go into a Sprint store and the staff is quick to blame Samsung.  Sprint has to take accountability in this matter and give something back to their customers that have received partical functionality going on a week and a half…Very disappointed. 

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