Control Desk Pets robotic tank via iOS & Android apps

These days’ smartphones have a number of uses in our busy lives and are used for many things that were once confined to our home computers, and today we have news of something a little different in the shape of the Desk Pets robotic tank, which are controlled via Android and iOS apps.

The smart looking Tankbot are basically an app controlled micro robotic tank that has three control modes, with its cute design and light up eyes, which coupled with sounds give the Tankbot a personality of its own. This clever little gadget will keep you entertained for hours and works with the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and most popular Android handsets.

With its flip out USB connector allows you to charge your Tankbot at home, school or at work. This isn’t your ordinary remote controlled tank, as it features advanced optical navigation technology that allows it to move effortlessly around any terrain without constantly bumping into things.

It has three different control modes with the navigation mode sees Tankbot moving around avoiding objects, while another mode sees Tankbot roam freely going where it wants to flashing its lights and making sounds. The final mode makes use of the iDeskPet Universal Remote to let users manually control Tankbot from their smartphone.

The iDeskPet Universal Remote plugs into your headphone port so Tankbot won’t suffer from interference like other Bluetooth remote controlled vehicles. Along with the remote is the free application that is available via the App Store and Google Play, and each colour of Tankbot runs on its own frequency so users can have races or just let them play together.

Charging your Tankbot via the USB connector for forty minutes will provide fifteen minutes of play, and each one is priced at £24.95. Click here for more information and to order.

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