Football Attack Euro 2012 app predicting scores

If you are a lover of the beautiful game, and are a mobile gamer on the iOS or Android platform, you just might like to know that the newest application from game developer Football Attack Inc is now available to download, and that game is Football Attack Euro 2012

With the Football Attack Euro 2012 iOS and Android apps, the gamer gets to experience the excitement of the tournament by attempting to predict each of the Euro 2012 scores, along with testing their knowledge of football along with analysing team strength and weakness in order to take a guess at each score, and then you and your friends get ranked.

Football Attack Euro 2012 enables the user to invite and play with Facebook friends and create their own Euro 2012 prediction tournament, along with the ability to share and tweet straight from the app, create your own league and see which of your friends can predict all the score throughout Euro 2012.

The basic rules of Football Attack Euro 2012 are fairly simple as long as you don’t cheat, before each round in the tournament you guess the scores of each game, and for an exact guess you get three points, or one point for a correct result with points given on the final match result including penalty kicks and overtime.

Football Attack Euro 2012 also features a unique simulation tool that enables the gamer to simulate what a team needs to do in order to advance in the standings before and during every match.

Thus for the iOS faithful that would like to play Football Attack Euro 2012, you can download the app to your iPhone, iPod Touch or Apple iPad as a free download for a limited period from iTunes.

For the Android faithful out there, you can also download the Football Attack Euro 2012 app to your chosen Android device for free for a limited period by hitting up Google Play.


One thought on “Football Attack Euro 2012 app predicting scores”

  1. Zohar Petel says:

    with football attack you don’t need (or can’t cheat), the first round prediction is locked 12 hours before the tournament first game.
    at the same time gamer can play with the simulation to simulate what a team needs to do in order to advance in the standings before and during every match.(as written above). but the prediction can’t be changed.

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