Your interest in Apple WWDC or Samsung 2012 Event

There’s a huge amount of interest in the tech world at the moment about two upcoming events, Apple’s WWDC 2012 in June and Samsung’s Unpacked event this coming week. Eager followers of news about the Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5 or iOS 6 will be following developments of these events carefully and we wonder which event will interest you the most.

Apple’s WWDC takes place between June 11 and 15 in San Francisco. There was record interest in the developers conference this year with tickets sold out within 2 hours, fueled by anticipation of an iPhone 5 or iOS 6 unveiling. Many are hoping for a release of the iPhone 5 following a big reveal but we still think that’s unlikely to happen and a launch for the new iPhone is more likely to happen in the fall. However, that certainly doesn’t stop people hoping and many iPhone enthusiasts will eagerly be following all the news from the event.

What we do expect from WWDC are details and possibly a taster of the next major mobile OS update, iOS 6. Apple has let it be known that the focus of WWDC this year will be iOS and Mac OS X so hardware is unlikely to be announced. There are still many people though who want to know all about iOS 6 and what the next operating system might offer so there will be plenty of interest in this event even without an iPhone mention. If you want to learn more about WWDC check out Apple here.

As for the Samsung Unpacked event, this take place in London on Thursday May 3 (invitation only) and is big news for the many people waiting to see a reveal of the Galaxy S3 (or S III), which will be shown and detailed. Although other devices may also be uncovered everyone would acknowledge that most of the focus will be on the next Galaxy S phone and consumers across the globe will be waiting for news on this Android flagship device. Fortunately those who want to follow the event as it happens can do so as live streaming is available and of course we’ll be reporting all the news as well.

It’s no exaggeration to say that for many people the big Samsung and Apple events are the highlights of the tech year and we have a feeling these upcoming events will be no exception. What is interesting is that while plenty of people with an interest in all-things-tech will be interested in both events there will be many other people who are avidly waiting for one of the events but have no interest whatsoever in the other. Those people will of course be very firmly in either the Android or iOS camp, a fierce divide for many enthusiasts.

So will you be following Apple’s WWDC in June or Samsung’s Galaxy S3 event later this week? Which will you favor, or of course you may be interested in both? We always enjoy hearing from our readers so let us know by sending your comments.


2 thoughts on “Your interest in Apple WWDC or Samsung 2012 Event”

  1. Actually I love all the devices of Apple and Samsung both. I purchased these two brands devices first after comparison both in price and features. As per known by all, Apple always produced new ideas and inventions so I have a little soft corner for it always, so I’m little more interested for Apple WWDC 2012.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Actually after Samsung stole some apple executives , they improved a lot in terms of devices , what i meant is that samsung is providing experience similar to apple but at “service and software updates” , it lags lot behind Nokia and Apple.
    I am more interested in Google I/O rather than Samsung or WWDC.

    This comparison is totally bad , Samsung event is based on hardware and WWDC is based on software.

    Google I/O Vs WWDC is better comparison since both are related to software and that too both mobile OS and Desktop OS. (iOS 6 Vs Jellybean (5.0) + Chrome OS Vs Mountain Lion)

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