Stick your iPhone to anything with cool case

There are a huge range of cases available for the Apple iPhone with a variety of uses besides protecting your treasured piece of hardware, and today we have a cool case for you that will let you stick your iPhone to almost anything.

The Stickable Resin iPhone guard protects your handset with anti-scratch protection, and as Digital Trends are reporting it doubles as a surface mount. This clever iPhone case will allow users of the iPhone 4 or 4S mount their device onto a glass surface for hands free functionality, or to stabilize the device while taking pictures with the handsets camera.

This clever range of cases by Uguard.me comes in a variety of colours, and they all have the ability to secure your handset against a glass surface for a short period of time and the set comes in a skin that is applied to the iPhone on each side. Then to mount the device on to a surface the user just gently presses the rear of the phone onto the location after making sure it’s clean.

Users that like to take pictures or videos from their car and don’t want to roll the window down and also avoid glare this will be of great use, and you can even secure your iPhone to your microwave or some other convenient location while using an app in the kitchen.

The skin will also protect your handset from scratches while adding extra grip for holding the device, and if you decide to remove the guard it will come off without leaving any residue behind. The Resin guard won’t keep your iPhone held up forever though as the makers do advise that it won’t stay up for “hours or days”, but it can be had in a number of different designs for €15.50 or around $20.


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