Quick Sprint Galaxy Nexus update to fix data problem rolling out

If you’re a brand-new owner of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus on Sprint you may be one of the unfortunate customers who have had a problem with 3G connection. A few days ago we discussed the issue that was being widely reported on forums by new owners and told how Sprint planned to issue an update to fix the problem. News today is that the update to fix the problem is about to roll out.

We told how some users had no 3G data access with their Galaxy Nexus’s and how some users managed to briefly connect before being disconnected again. We had several comments to our article from unsatisfied users who had been struck with this difficulty. Fortunately Samsung and Sprint acknowledged there was an issue pretty quickly and spoke of an update although could not give a release date for it.

News that the rollout is imminent came to us from Android Police, sourced from Sprint and the good news is that the fix is about to be rolled out over a “1 – 2 day period.” The software update, FD02, lists enhancements and fixes for devices not connecting to data services, devices not showing the correct network time and also an update to Google Wallet.

Devices with the problem will need to be connected to a WiFi network in order to obtain the update and following this the update will automatically download before prompting the user to install it. Those users who had noticed no issues will still receive the update but of course will not need to be connected to a WiFi network to receive the software update. This news will be music to the ears of many new Galaxy Nexus owners who felt disappointed that the phone was launched on Sprint with such a severe problem.

Hats off to Sprint though for acknowledging the issue so quickly and attempting to rectify it with an update in a very short period of time. If only all carriers took more notice of initial customer complaints after a major device launch! Let’s just hope that the fix does indeed solve the bug and that all of you whose devices were affected, soon have an issue-free smartphone to use.

Are you a Sprint Galaxy Nexus owner? If so we’d be really interested to learn when the update begins rolling out? If you have already received your update then let us know and tell us if it fixes your Galaxy Nexus by sending your comments please.

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