BlackBerry 10 Alpha Dev phone specs & trade ups

As you probably know, Research In Motion’s next big thing is BlackBerry 10 handsets, and although it isn’t quite clear just when a BlackBerry 10 devices will hit the mobile space, today those developers that attend BlackBerry 10 Jam will receive the BlackBerry 10 Alpha Dev handset.

And apparently the guys over at Crackberry have the low down on the specification that BlackBerry 10 Alpha Dev handset will have, which we have for your consideration…

The BlackBerry 10 Alpha Dev handset specs include the BlackBerry 10 Developer Preview v10.0.4.197 operating system, a 4.2-inch HD LCD 1280 x 768 (356dpi) touch screen, rear facing camera with flash, front facing camera, Bluetooth, NFC, quad-band HSPA+, LTE support disabled, microSIM, 16GB internal storage, microUSB, microHDMI, a non-removable battery and a 3.5mm jack.

Apparently most of those specs will carry over to actual BlackBerry 10 smartphones once they arrive, but it is hoped that when they arrive RIM will have changed the battery to a removable one. Also apparently the device is bare-bones with only the camera and browser loaded, but should be opened up with OTA updates and development moves forward.

Furthermore according to Crackberry, Alec Saunders, before ending the keynote stated that if developers that take home the BlackBerry 10 Alpha Dev phone and deliver a BlackBerry 10 app at BlackBerry App World , and that app is approved, will be able to once BlackBerry 10 is released, trade up their Alpha Dev handset for a final build, limited edition BlackBerry 10 smartphone.

So there you have the specs of the BlackBerry 10 Alpha Dev handset and that they will be able to trade up to an actual BB10 device, do these specs make you want to consider owning a BlackBerry 10 handset once they arrive?

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