Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-I9300 pictures GT-I9800 coming too

All the speculation and rumours leading up to the launch of the Galaxy S3 can only be rivalled by the iPhone, as we have seen many different claims and images emerging in recent weeks. Today we have some more images that are claimed to be of the Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-I9300, and another device labelled the GT-I9800 is said to be coming too.

The team over at SamMobile have another image of what is being claimed to be the Galaxy S3, and the device will have the model number GT-I9300 and will come running Android 4.0.4. It is also being reported that the Galaxy S III will be available sometime next week after tomorrow’s reveal.

It is not known if the device pictured is the final design or just a dummy, but it does look real and is already thinner than the Galaxy S2. The camera on the device is again being claimed to be a twelve megapixel unit, and it also seems to have a notification LED that could be for the battery.

Samsung could be about to reveal more than one handset tomorrow as a source is claiming that another model labelled GT-I9800 is set to arrive to. Visually the device looks similar to recent speculation with a screen size along the lines of the Galaxy Nexus, which features a 4.65-inch Super AMOLED display.

Meanwhile over at the Android Community there are some images of what is said to be a screen protector for the Galaxy S3. A South Korean manufacturer by the name of Colorant has released the product that was spotted by Unwired HK, and it can be seen placed on a number of different handsets.

The protector doesn’t fit the devices and is bigger than the original Galaxy S2 that has a 4.3-inch display, and even the 4.7-inch HTC One X is smaller. This could mean the recent rumours about a 4.8-inch screen size may be true, along with the claims of the device being longer with a lower home button.

Samsung will put an end to all this speculation tomorrow in London with its special event, and we have all the start times for around the world here. Is the Galaxy S3 a device you plan to purchase this year?


35 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-I9300 pictures GT-I9800 coming too”

      1. InpraiseofHim says:

        One site stated that it would be about $400.00. I payed $300.00 for my Note and that was worth it to me just so I could connect to my car!

  1. Robert Cross says:

    The S3 was the #1 phone for me when replacement time comes up. But now I’m not so sure that _anything_ can live up to the hype that this has caused. So if it’s got a non-removable battery and/or micro-sim then I’ll either be looking long and hard at the Asus PadFone or one of Samsung’s older models – Note or S2 – which I’m guessing will be available at really good prices post-S3 launch, especially the S2! 😀

  2. enzio says:

    If it has no wireless charging, I’m gonna wait for iphone 5 and stick to my prehistoric phone until then.  Any phone that I am going to spend 100’s of pounds on has to have new innovations on it otherwise, what;s the point?  Cameras already on phones (if I want lots of megapixels, I’ll buy a high spec camera), a slightly faster chip – who gives a damn, bigger screen  – don’t need it.  What I want is wireless charging (particularly if the rumors are true and you can charge from a meter away from the base station).

    1. RedWill says:

       What a silly comment to say if i want a camera ill just buy a high spec camera. The point of it being on a photo is that you have it with you when you need it unexpectedly  and its all in one device.A faster chip will mean a much nice user experience, the screen size is vital to interaction with the phone. Wireless charging is just a gimmick and not a vital addition.

      1. enzio says:

        Yes its nice to have it on the phone for when you need it but I don’t need 12 mega pixels for that.  If I want great shots I’d use an SLR camera where I can change the lens (and you are not going to get one of those on a phone yet).  How on earth is a few MHz faster speed on the processor going to lead to “a much nicer user experience”.  Fair enough you might get a few apps that work a bit better but its not going to be the be all and end all.  Wireless charging on the other hand could mean that I can have the phone in my pocket whilst sitting in my car and it charges up!  Or that I don’t have to fiddle trying to find the charging port on my phone to plug the charger into 

    2. Guest1 says:

       “I’m gonna wait for iphone 5 and stick to my prehistoric phone until then.  Any phone that I am going to spend 100’s of pounds on has to have new innovations on it otherwise, what;s the point? ”
      And when was the last time the iPhone was innovative???

    3. InsNameHere says:

      Wireless charging from a meter away? I would like to see that in real life. Sure Apple has patented this technology but we will probably never see it. The amount of charge you get in this rage is so bad that its not even practical to use it. Give it another 5 to 10 years before it gets past its alpha stages in development.

  3. Niko says:

    It’s fake you @ss!!!  The plastic cover doesn’t even fit the phone.  you must have stuck the plastic cover over the nexus…farken desperate!!

          1. Gamarga says:

             Asstard is two word you Leper! This just got even better. Again.

          2. Anonymous says:

            “mid-sentence does not constitute a capital letter” should be “mid-sentence does not constitute the need for a capital letter” Just keeping in theme…

  4. Splitpickup says:

    @7ff47f8a65e741a95bccbb5d93b275e3:disqus , that’s the point – a manufacturer has released a screen protector which does not fit any of the current phones (I’m guessing the phone underneath the protector is a SGS2), the point is that people are using that to speculate the form factor of the S3….

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