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We are continuing to hear a number of different rumours the last few weeks concerning the release of the Samsung Galaxy S3. The company has seemingly managed to keep its cards close to its chest regarding the specs and features of the upcoming handset, and today there is talk of a Galaxy S3 physical home button.

Samsung decided not to announce its next Galaxy S smartphone at February’s MWC instead opting for a separate showcase nearer to the device being readily available to the public, but that hasn’t stopped numerous supposed leaks about the handset that is thought to be unveiled next month. Now as Unwired View are reporting via Korean Digital Daily Samsung decided to stick with a physical home button on the Galaxy S3.

It seems there was a split among the Samsung camp with the design team wanting to have a button-less front like the Galaxy Nexus, so to begin with the work revolved around that idea. Just as the handset was almost ready to be sent to the factories for production the design team was split into two camps with one wanting a physical home button instead, as they didn’t want to move away from the Galaxy S design completely, which has been highly successful so far.

The Android ICS operating system allows as standard handsets to have on-screen buttons only, but it seems the design team has come up with a compromise as sources are claiming that the bezel and button area below the display has been shrunk, and the Galaxy S3 will now have a rectangular home button.

The device is reportedly been undergoing carrier testing and Samsung has seemingly kept the design a secret, and have achieved this by sending out the handset in a single rectangular box containing all the software and electronics inside. This is then only accessible for testing but carriers have no way of actually seeing the exterior design of the handset.

How do you feel about having a physical home button on a smartphone? Do you prefer this option or to have one on the touchscreen?


11 thoughts on “Your views on Samsung Galaxy S3 home button”

  1. Ranjitp8 says:

    disappointed with the button idea… where’s the “revolutionary” in this phone… its not doing anything in leaps and bounds.. Samsung is playing it too safe and,that’s how apple got head in the first place..

  2. Ranjitp8 says:

    if you cant decide on 1 amazing design, make 2 or 3 variants, not cramp the whole thing into 1 … there’s definitely no space for physical  buttons in “the FUTURE”

  3. Funkymendoza says:

    No button. But if we had to have both out there I would be ok with that. Just announce it!! I have paid people in two different location to tell me as soon as they get them. They will call at any time and I will be AWOL but it will be worth it.

  4. Sam Hatoum says:

    I have a Galaxy Nexus and the SW button is the biggest gripe I have. I’m playing a game in landscape and accidentally click the soft home button. I’m back home. Arrghh!!

  5. @bd9acf5d5d0ae720258921f750ffc18c:disqus I would hang out for the Samsung Galaxy S3 – your xperia is a prototype that will get fudged up just like the PS Vita!

  6. Steve Bauman says:

    Do people not realize a home button is necessary to wake the phone comfortably without always having to use the sleep/wake button? It’s directly in front of your thumb which makes it MUCH more ergonomic to use. It just makes sense. Capacitive buttons are trash, and provide no texture feedback as to what your pressing. This is a major downside. Please samsung, put in a physical home button.  

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