Samsung Galaxy S3 threatens iPhone 5

The big reveal of the Samsung Galaxy S3 (S III) Android smartphone has finally taken place and we’ve been bringing all the news on this new impressive flagship device. Earlier today we told how we felt sure Apple would be following the official announcement of the Galaxy S3 to get some idea of whether it could be a threat to the iPhone 5 and on first impressions we’d say that Samsung has come up with a notable new smartphone.

We’ve already given full official specs for the S3, a hands-on look with video and news on accessories so check those out for further details but as a brief recap we can tell you that at least one variant will feature an Exynos quad-core process, it has a 4.8-inch HD Super AMOLED display, 8-megapixel rear camera with 1080p HD video capture, 1.9-megapixel front-facing camera, 16 or 32GB of internal storage that can be expanded to 64GB via microSD, NFC and it all runs on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich overlaid with Touchwiz. Samsung has put a lot of emphasis on the software aspects of the S3 too and it certainly looks as though this phone has a lot to offer.

The US variant/s will feature 4G LTE connectivity and it looks as though it will feature a Snapdragon dual-core processor instead. Our first thoughts on hearing all of the details on the Galaxy S3 were that many people’s wish lists had been fulfilled as pretty much everything that had been rumored actually appeared on the finished article (except most imagined a 10 or 12-megapixel rear camera). The Galaxy S3 will hit the European markets in late May though won’t be released until later in the summer for the US and the handset will be available in either Pebble Blue or Marble White.

This means that the Galaxy S3 will be launched in some regions ahead of Apple’s WWDC in June so it will certainly get a head start on sales and could win over some iOS enthusiasts who don’t want to wait longer for the iPhone 5. The release date for the iPhone 5 is still unknown and though some feel it may be shown at WWDC with a release in the summer, others think it’s more likely to arrive in the fall.

Assuming that Apple has followed the announcement of the Galaxy S3 we’d imagine that while the giant company may not be exactly quaking in its boots it will certainly have realized that the Galaxy S3 is a real rival to the iPhone 5. The iPhone 5 is expected to feature an A5X or A6 processor, higher-resolution display, a larger screen, and possibly LTE connectivity but of course none of this is yet confirmed. Only those at Apple already know if the company really has cause to worry about the Samsung Galaxy S3, as only they know what cutting edge specs (or not) will be featured on the next iPhone.

The Galaxy S3 is now official and based on what we’ve seen and heard so far it seems as though Samsung is on a clear charge for success and we can’t wait to see what Apple comes up with for the new iPhone to alleviate that threat. Between Apple and Samsung it’s certainly beginning to look as though there’s not too much room for other hopeful rivals and based on sales of both flagship predecessors, the Galaxy S2 and iPhone 4S, both of the upcoming phones are set to fly off the shelves.

We always appreciate comments from our readers and would like to hear your thoughts on the Galaxy S3 and what has been revealed today. Do you see the Galaxy S3 as a real threat to the iPhone 5? Which do you think will eventually achieve the most sales?


51 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S3 threatens iPhone 5”

    1. Dynatester says:

      I know its shocking… But the majority of people will always go for simpler, better looking and more premium feeling phone, which is what you get get with the iPhone. I don’t own an iPhone. I have SGII, I think its a much more useful phone. However… It does feel cheap. And it doesn’t have the same heavy weight App and peripheral support that iPhone has.

      1. Jonemide says:

        You’re right ,I switched from iPhone to SGS2 great phone indeed but don’t enjoy the battery life + it does feel cheap,I guess I will not go the way of samsung again,waiting for iPhone 5

        1. Polos8th says:

          If you want a good Android with comparable specs get a HTC One series phone. It doesnt have that stupid cheap plactic feel that you get from Sammy all too often(I think every phone they make is that way regardless of price!)

    2. Anonymous says:

      I believe the S3 key advantage to iPhone 4s is speed. It’s the fastest phone out there. However the screen size and display are a disappointment as is the plastic body.

      In my view, the iPhone screen size is an excellent ergonomic fit and the quality of materials is far superior. As a photographer, the iPhone retina display beats the over saturated AMOLED pentile screens hands down.

      1. JJ says:

        do you know where the iPhone’s retina display comes from?   its from LG, and most of iPhone’s parts supplied by Samsung and LG. iPhone has got some serious identity problems dude.

        1. Anonymous says:

          Not sure why the manufacturer of the screen matters. If Samsung held the IP for the display, they should definitely be using it. Clearly Apple owns its designs and processes which is why they can switch between manufacturers.

        2. Replysam says:

          This is most stupid comment i have ever seen. Haha I am laughing madly.. JJ are u on Weed.
          Carl Zies lens is in satellite does it mean that all the nokia phones will take pictures like satellite..

      2. Bubba says:

        As a “photographer” you should know saturation levels of picture stored on the phone is down to the camera module and the software processing, not how it is displayed on the screen. Calibarate/adjust the screen if you want to see what it actually looks like. No one would or should keep their Tv in showroom mode, why criticise the Amoled screen for its shop profile default.

        As a general guide Apple might have better default settings, but it lags far behind in options and adjustments of Android. Most reviewers just use the defaults and never bother with menus so conclusions about quality based off review site rarely give a true picture of capablities.

        1. Anonymous says:

          You hit it on the head. Most regular users will not be interested in configuring or customizing a phone just to get it to work. Flexibility is a double edged sword.

        2. Porchunplugged says:

          why do have to buy a device and start tweaking that’s so window vista i want to have a device that works from the get go 

    3. SwiftHDX says:

      The iPhone isn’t actually heavy. It comes in a smaller package which means the weight isn’t as ‘evened out’ as its bigger Android rivals, therefore making it seem like it weighs more. Same goes for the iPod touch. But in terms of quality, design, ergonomics and Apps, iPhone wins hands down. You can’t deny that.

  1. Sorry_For_Apple_Fanboys says:

    we know,, itunes and drm issues, no replaceable batery when flat, no Micro sd card capability, cant share via blutooth,, Iphone died a good 2 years ago, no compatition but like “sheep” some still buy it? why? 

    1. Chillax, brah says:

      Admittedly, iTunes ranks ‘below average’. I’d say that a large percentage of the people who criticise iTunes are merely ‘tagging alone’ with the majority. The UI isn’t that bad, and while there is the odd issue with its functionality, the highlighted problem (IMO) is its CPU resource hogging. Compared with other media library/player solutions, iTunes is pretty bad. 🙁
      “…no replaceable battery…”
      More and more manufacturers are complying with this – take HTC’s One X.
      It’s not a huge deal. How many people actually carry a spare battery with them? Besides, there are external, mobile charging solutions available.

      “…no Micro sd card capability…”
      Buy the right size (16 / 32 / 64).
      Plus, there’s iCloud…
      Cloud-based storage may require an Internet connection (which is readily available now, via public Wi-Fi) but it sure beats dealing with additional hardware.

      “…can’ share via bluetooth…”
      Do people still do this??? Maybe at school…
      If you need to send a file to a recipient, send an attachment via email.

      “…but like “sheep” some still buy it? why?”
      I do believe that a lot of Apple consumers purchase those products for the status label alone. However, for the most part, Apple do offer a nice selection of kit.

      1. FunnyBloke says:

        Spoken like a true Apple representative.  “We don’t have the functionality so we’ll pretend we don’t need it.”
        I would love to be able to Bluetooth photos from my wife’s iPhone to my SGS2 without sending it as an email.  Especially if I am away from my house and emailing burns up precious data allowance for both of us.  Same goes for iCloud – data allowance?  Buy the right size – how arrogant!

    2. Techie says:

      And iphone can only play some flash videos using certain software… i guess the brandname and looks are appealing. this will soon die off when the trend changes with time. if iphone does not keep up with the technology, some loyal fans might even turn their heads away.

    3. Dov1978 says:

      Sheep? See S-Voice. Siri was baked into iPhone before S-Voice was into Galaxy S3. And it seems Fanboys have been replaced by deluded Fandroids these days. Windows Phone OS will overtake Android soon enough anyway.

      1. Polos8th says:

        you sound like a real idiot… 45 percent of smartphone owners have an android as opposed to 1.3 percent of people with windows phones. The almighty apple only represents 30 percent of smartphone users… check the numbers Android is here to stay!

  2. Tomtorre says:

    Total Disappointment – the S3 is not an earth shattering upgrade if you own an S2 – it’s an incremental hardware upgrade with mostly useless gee whiz software that will most likely never be practical in the real world. I really enjoy my S2 but it’s time for the next best thing and IMHO, the S3 is Just Not It – the only +’s of the S3 are: Large Removable Battery, External Micro SD Slot, NFC & Quad Core but that’s not worth the price of the Unlocked Upgrade Admission Price for me, but if you coming from a 2yr or older phone, maybe the S3 is for you – I really hate to say this but I guess I have to see what the iPhone 5 has to offer, these waiting games are just plain murder….

  3. enzio says:

    I waited for the iphone 4 and didn’t like it, waited for the iphone 5 (which turned out to be the 4s) and thought it could be a lot better; waited for the Samsung SIII and totally disappointed (only a 8 megapixel instead of the 12; any wireless charging has to be bought separately and is rubbish anyway; plasticy covers; even the voice recognition look like a copy of Siri on iphone).  When will a phone ever live up to its hype.  Question is do I cut my losses and buy the SIII or wait for the iphone 5 and hope it has stuff like the laser keyboard, projector, gorilla glass etc

    1. Anonymous says:

      Not sure why you would need a 12mp camera on a phone. The picture size would be restrictive and you would need to be continually dowloading your casual shots to make room. Further phone camera quality is hit or miss and without a good lense, you can still get crappy photos (even at 12 mp).

      Bottom line specs are not what make the phone but rather what you do with it. Go for the ecosystem rather than the phone.

    2. Bubba says:

      Siri was 6 months after the original Svoice stuff on the SII, which in turn is based on the vlingo and that is based on the Nokia original. So Siri wasn’t 1st or 2nd or even 3rd to market. On top of which Apple bought Siri and that too was based off the Nokia.

      If the iphone 5 doesn’t come with a plus 4″ screen then there is nothing to wait for it will just yet be more of the same and that’s already looking pretty dated and out of touch. You can have all the “retina”/ppi you want, but if you have to zoom everything to see anything what’s the point

      If you’re covering it with a case does it really matter what the back is made of?

      Speed and quality are what count with the phone camera so not being 12mp is pretty moot if they hadn’t improved the software side. As it is it’s a convienence thing, if you actually want good hires pictures get a camera not a phone.

      1. Ste says:

        totally agree! Have an iPhone 4. nice tool but if you want to watch a pic or read a news you spend your time zooming and unzooming. so I was waiting for this Samsung (coming from Apple I don’t like much the back side but this is a detail!). And had 2 bad experiences with Samsung pre Android. So I’ll wait for iPhone 5 lunch this June but if Apple doesn’t increase the screen size or lunch iPhone 5 only this Fall……I’ll move to Galaxy

    3. Narkz says:

      Its true sg2 had voice recognition before iphone 4s. But voice recognition is old technology. I had an old ericsson flip phone with voice.. Call.. Blah blah.. Done.. Thats all phones could do back then.. Call..

    4. Mandklewis says:

      Yeah, why doesn’t it make me toast in the morning? why can’t it give better foot rubs?? All I wanted it to do was be my driver!! People have high expectations for a phone. These devices do quite a bit as it is. Try to keep in mind, these cost us $200-$300 US, not $200,000-$300,000.

      1. enzio says:

        I’d be happy to wait and pay the $200k to $300k for a phone that does all you describe.  Price is not a factor for me.  What I want is the swiss army knife of phones with as many gizmos as possible.  What I hate is when the phone company build up the hype that you are going to get x, y and z gizmo and they never show up on the phone.  In all honesty I really couldn’t care less about the camera.  However, I am angry that there was hype that the camera was going to be 12 megapixel but ended up being 10 megapixel.  Just be honest about what you are going to produce

        1. Replysam says:

          Then why don;t you hire  a personal assistant and ask him/her to do all that you expect from the phone.. this will help economy as well.are watching lot of scifi movies lately.. Cool down..

  4. king says:

    I dont want to see another bulky smartphone. I hope Apple doesnt follow tracks of anroid smartphones. To me what I find interesting in apple Iphone  is quality smartphone with cutting egde technology in a smaller space.

  5. Abc123 says:

    As much as i hate iphone. It does run a better os which is more stable then android. I have sg2 and some games will force close if it lags out, i havent seen iphone force close as yet. Correct me if im wrong. I really hate how iphone screens crack so easily when dropped. Ive dropped my sg2 on numerous occasions and it is still fine.. My sisters iphone4 has cracked screens on front and back case.. Iphone/itunes is very restrictive on downloadble apps and features.. try changing your ring tone to mp3 on iphone.. Its not possible unless jail broken.. Sg phones allow for more customisation.. Such as animated wall papers and text font look and feel. All i phones menus tend to look the same… Sg phones have a poorer battery life.. Iphone just a little better only by an hour or so. So which is the better phone… Sg3 or ip5… I dunno they havent been released yet.. But heres a tip if you like to customise your phone heaps and change everything to suit you go with sg… If you want a premium look and feel phone and dont mind restrictions such as itunes go with Ip.

    1. Dov1978 says:

      Changing your ringtone to mp3 is definitely possible on iPhone without using jailbreak. Hence the ringtones section in iTunes. You can even make a ringtone from any song in your iTunes library.

    2. lalalalala says:

      We’re comparing iPhone with Samsung Galaxy S3 not sg2. and I have seen an iPhone force quit and lag alot because it has alot of data and it was used for a long time. I also hate how the screen cracks easily for iphone. Samsung galaxy s3 have a better battery life and a removable battery in case it breaks, you can just change it. iPhone battery, if it breaks u’ll probably have to pay ALOT of money (again) trying to fix it, and if it doesnt last long u can’t change it you’ll just have to charge every few hours.

  6. zak says:

    The Pebble E-Watch is a brand new revolutionary technology that will be coming to the iphone and android smartphones, it lets you control your phone from your wrist aswell as incorporating amazing apps. For more information on this up and coming product go to iphonepebble. com

  7. Luls says:

    You people talk like as if you are designers! It’s just a friggin phone! You use it to call and text! I miss the nokia 3310 and the snake game! Advancement of technology has only caused people to cry over which is better the Iphone or the Samsung! War over religions has become less popular!

  8. Luls says:

    You people talk like as if you are designers! It’s just a friggin phone! You use it to call and text! I miss the nokia 3310 and the snake game! Advancement of technology has only caused people to cry over which is better the Iphone or the Samsung! War over religions has become less popular!

  9. Shermenz says:

    Well people here’s my take on the matter:
    I’m a loyal fanboy of iPhone for the past 4 iterations.
    I really do love this phone, it’s slick it works, it’s beautiful.

    Then the s3 came out. At first I raised my eyebrow and moved on.
    Then I looked at some hands on reviews, and I must admit, I’m impressed.

    It looks good, it has a lot of options, big strong battery, huge (although not as good as the iPhone) screen (even though for me that’s a fair compromise.)
    Now, I’m actually thinking about moving over. I had enough of the same boring look of the iPhone, the small screen, and iTunes.

    I believe it’s time, I’ll try to find a place where I can get my hands on one of these babies, and give it a go, if I feels as good as it looks, I’m joining the android club.

    1. Ggdg says:

      U people don’t know that s3 battery is lost lasting than iPhone becoz u dat have those phones ..u all who don’t now about battery issue are not genuinely posting here because u don’t know fact

  10. ringsgeek says:

    I tried the Samsung galaxy S3, and was pretty adamant that it was going to be the king, and completely blow the iPhone out of the water. Boy was I wrong. It’s got a sleek look and huge screen and some great features, but that’s about it. There is absolutely NOTHING that comes close to the fluidity, ease-of-use, and incredibly reliable functionality of the iPhone. Back to my 4S and can’t wait for the 5!

    1. commonsense :) says:

      bahahaha you put the SAME EXACT comment on another article, same website. sort of pathetic… if you do not like the phone congratulations but you only don’t like it because you are what we call an apple fanboy 🙂

  11. I bought a Samsung Galaxy S3 on a new contract on 28 June 2012. The phone was free, but I have to say it’s bloody awful.

    In terms of construction, the phone feels very cheap and plasticky. It’s too thin and too light. It just feels a cheap phone all round.

    The battery is no where near as good as the battery on the iPhone 4S. My iPhone 4S would give me at least 5 hours of fairly heavy usage and at least a days standby. I’m having to charge the S3 up every day and it takes a lot longer to charge than an iPhone 4S.

    The screen is nice to look at, when the content isn’t moving. I find the picture quality to be blurry, especially when scrolling which seems very slow in comparison to the iPhone 4S. The screen doesn’t respond accurately to touch either. I’m sick of having to tap things twice because the stupid phone hasn’t registered my first attempt.

    The Android/TouchWiz is awful too. The only thing I like about it is the way you can arrange icons on the screen anyway you want. My favourite iPhone apps aren’t available on Android such as Echofon for Twitter either. The whole system seems poorly designed. At least on the iPhone everything worked in a similar way so you knew where you was.

    This is my first and LAST Android Phone. If the Samsung Galaxy S3 is the best phone on the Android platform, then I’d hate to see the worst.

    I’ll be getting rid of it as soon as the iPhone 5 comes out in October. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

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