Claims of new iPad models this year alongside iPhone 5

Now the dust has settled on the events of last week and Samsung launching a new smartphone, it is now the turn of Apple to be the subject of some speculation about its plans for the rest of 2012, as there are now claims of new iPad models to come this year alongside the iPhone 5.

Apple is expected to launch a replacement for the iPhone 4S at some point this year, but as AppleInsider are reporting via DigiTimes the company will also be releasing two new iPad models as well this year. It is being claimed that Foxconn will be responsible for the manufacture of a new 7-inch iPad tipped to arrive in August. This is not the first time rumours of a smaller iPad model have emerged, but this is not the only model rumoured to be coming in 2012.

It is also being claimed that Pegatron has received orders recently to build the iPhone 5 with a rumoured September launch alongside a new 10-inch iPad due for release in the fourth quarter of 2012, but considering Apple has only just updated the iPad in March with its new Retina Display and LTE, it would be surprising if another 10-inch model was to be released so soon.

There have been many claims in the past that Apple would develop a smaller iPad model, and recent reports have suggested a version with a screen size of 7.85-inches with a screen resolution the same as the iPad 2 would allow apps already available run on the device without any modifications.

Pegatron currently produces the iPhone 4S and the new iPad, and the company is set to expand its operations to handle future orders from Apple, while Foxconn is Apple’s largest overseas manufacturing partner and is set to start construction of a new 10,000 square foot facility in Shanghai, China.

Do you think Apple would release another two new iPad models this year?


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    I’m tired of rumors and hidden information that Apple is keeping for the new  iPhone, supposedly produce any spaceship, but it is a phone for God, just launch into the market.

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