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If you are one of the iOS faithful or for that matter one of the iOS unfaithful that has jailbroken their device, and looking for a mobile app that can move files from your computer to your iPhone or iPod Touch, along with having fast navigation through the iPhone file system, then you might like to consider an app called iFile.

There are two version of the iFile app available, one for the iOS faithful, which is available from iTunes, and the other is for those iOS unfaithful that have jailbroken their device and is available from Cydia.

The iFile app for iOS devices is basically a file storage and document viewer whereby you can shift files from your Mac, Linux or Windows computer to your iOS device with WiFi without the necessity to install any software on your computer, you simply open your browser and manage the files on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

The iFile app for iOS devices enables the user to create a directory on their iPhone, upload files in any format, open most file formats including Chinese and Japanese files, supports screen rotation, play music in the background, and iFile can close its sharing so you can’t access any files by using a computer.

Then there is the iFile Cydia app, which is brought to our attention by the guys over at ipad-os, and is a Cydia app that features a file manager and explorer, with DEB installer, documents viewer, file downloader and uploader, video and audio player, and image viewer.

With the iFile Cydia app the user can quickly navigate the iPhone file system, view various types of files including HTML, PDF, text, sound, movies, Microsoft type files, and various compressed formats, whilst zip packaging and compressed file unpackaging is also supported.

So for those that would like to make use of the iFile app, the iFile app for iOS devices can be downloaded for a cost of $1.99 from iTunes, and for the iFile Cydia app can be downloaded to your iDevice by hitting up (here).


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