Angry Birds game successor named

Angry Birds has been somewhat of a huge success for Rovio across multiple platforms including iOS and Android, and is no doubt one of the most successful games to hit the mobile space, but what about a successor to the Angry Birds franchise, what will be the next big game for Rovio?

Well according to the guys over at The Next Web by way of Finnish TV channel Yle, the successor to the highly popular Angry Birds game will be based on the iOS game Casey’s Contraptions, and will be called Amazing Alex, and the new game will launch sometime in the next 2-months.

Mikael Hed, the CEO of Rovio has said that Amazing Alex will feature an educational element, and is centred around the main character Alex who is a young lad that likes to build things, and when on to say that they wish to maintain the high standards Angry Birds gamers have come to enjoy.

According to The Next Web guys, Rovio confirmed they have purchased the IP rights to Casey’s Contraptions from developers Mystery Coconut and Snappy Touch, and that Rovio has registered amazingalex.com (image below).

So there you have it, the next big thing from Rovio will be Amazing Alex, but will it be as successful for the company as Angry Birds, and garner as many fans as the green pig bashing birds…well that remains to be seen, more as and when we hear.

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