Design of iPhone 5 still not settled plus new details

We’ve been bringing readers all the latest news and rumors about the Apple iPhone 5 (or new iPhone) and today it seems that although there have been plenty of leaks about designs and specs Apple hasn’t actually settled on a final design itself yet. We also have more news for you on specs and features.

Among the many things that are being highly speculated for the iPhone 5 are a brand new design, as many were disappointed last October when the iPhone 4S arrived looking exactly the same as its predecessor. We have spoken about how Apple really needs to come up with something entirely new appearance-wise to wow us. Now it appears that no matter what has been speculated so far about what this design may entail (such as the rumored metal back) we may as well forget it as the final design is still up in the air.

This news comes from iMore who point to the fact that Apple makes extensive use of prototypes before making a final decision and that these leaked prototypes become the basis of many design claims, but all are so far unfounded. However iMore also come up with some more details. Discussing the iPhone 5 display it has been widely reported that a larger display is on the way and we think this is something many would like to see. Now iMore sources tell how although a slightly larger display may still appear, it’s not likely to be more than 4-inches.

Although the finished next iPhone is not yet set in stone it looks unlikely that it will have one of the massive displays currently being seen on many new Android handsets and a move to a 16:9 aspect ratio as has been widely discussed, has certainly not been decided. We think a move to a 4-inch display would be a good compromise as a screen that size would be larger enough to make a difference but not so big that it would make a massive difference to the current feel or overall size of the iPhone.

Other details from iMore’s sources are that a smaller dock connector is on the way and that the iPhone 5 will still feature a home button. Also as far as that elusive release date is concerned we’ve told how there are two definite trains of thought about this with some feeling a release in June is likely following WWDC and others tipping a fall release, which we thought was more likely. This latest report asserts that a release is on schedule for October so those who had hoped to get their hands on it in the next few weeks may be unlucky.

An article over on MacRumors also discusses the iMore news and points out the fact that iMore has previously been a reliable source of leaks in the past, such as reporting that the latest iPad would have LTE connectivity. We’re inclined to think then that much of this could well be accurate and we’d like to know what you think of this latest news.

What would you like to see for the next iPhone design? Would you be satisfied by a 4-inch display and what are your thoughts on the iPhone 5 still featuring a home button? Let us know with your comments.


14 thoughts on “Design of iPhone 5 still not settled plus new details”

      1. Quango2k says:

        I’ve had android, and BB and iPhone is simply better…fact! 

        you don’t need it faster, stronger etc etc..you need it to do its job properly, and apple are great at making products do just that.

        android is over bloated and crap..my samsung galaxy s2 and the HTC HD sucked balls…reloading software and forever closing things because they are using too much mem…..JUNK!! 

        android is terrible, BB OS7 bareable, iOS works perfectly..you don’t need it to do anything else. 

        1. ped says:

          eh…. no signal if you hold it wrong!! put it down hard & the screen cracks!! a siri app that only works properly if you happen to be in north america!! tiny screen size!! signal drops off more that an old man on sleeping pills!!!…..
          yep!! seems to do a great job…
          treat yourself & go get the galaxy s3..

          1. irenek says:

             @ped  Your post is a rehash of all the “bad” iphone news.  I bet you don’t even own one.  Thanks but no thanks!  I have an iphone. it may not be the best according to you but I love it and that’s what matters.  Bye!  Enjoy your android.

  1. Esq_always says:

    There a few things for certain! New design is imenent and LTE for sure, what we want and hope for and what we are getting are two different things, Apple is perhaps the greatest at keeping secrets? “4 screen yes would love to see it! Better speeds you bet! I’m am dissapointed that apple is a bit behind with other competitors and they don’t give you much bang for your buck, the devices as far as they go are quite well structured I’ll give them that! I’ve been in the market research and technology field the last 24 years. One thing I’ve learned is never push perfection! That takes time. Design for iPhone 5 or the “new iPhone” we all speculate? I’m sure they have there design and waiting for the production count before having that anticipated release date? Tim Cook is as well a binder of secrets as Jobs ever was and that’s why we yurn for apple products. Comments send those to esq_always@hotmail.com

  2. Kkkk says:

    Apple would present the iPhone in the right time with no other product along with it because it would outshine the iPhone of is release with an iPad so when apple put a date maybe June maybe July or October is going to be just about iPhone with larger screen and aspect ratio and LTE

  3. Platnm6309a says:

    for sure I want to see the home button! Display is fine for me and so is size. I do like the thought of the 3d maps also, and hope I can get them on my jailbroken ios4 iphone4.

  4. Arjrrgkp says:

    If they only up to a 4″ display, I’m afraid I’ll be jumping ship to Samsung . Apple need to go 4.3″ at least to stay in the game. 

  5. General says:

    I thought Apple were meant to be innovators, but they are so behind when it comes to screen size

    Needs to be 4.6 at least or I’m sticking with my 5.3 inch Samsung Galaxy Note. Loved my old iPhone but the screen is way too small for browsing, videos, map reading etc. That is why the trend is larger screens and 4 inch may seem a bit small now, but in a year it will seem as ridiculous as 3.5 inch screen seems now.

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