Facebook App Center striving for success

The Facebook phenomenon continues to grow with the announcement last week of the Facebook App Center, and as developers strive for success we have an article looking what they will need to do to make sure their apps are eligible.

As PCWorld are reporting Facebook have revealed that users will be able to access the new App Center on the web, and using Android and iOS Facebook apps in the next few weeks. One of the most important things developers will need to do to get their apps to appear on the App Center is to make sure they are of a good quality.

Facebook have said that apps must meet one of the following criteria to be eligible that includes, a mobile app built for the web, iOS or Android that uses Facebook Login , an App for Pages built to manage or enhance other companies’ Facebook pages, an app in a Facebook.com canvas page , and a website that uses Facebook Login and has an immediately logged-in, personalized experience.

An app detail page will be mandatory for all applications that are listed in the App Center, and will become the place that non-users search for them on Facebook and will appear in search results. The social networking site is looking for high quality applications to be included, features such as an easy to use interface, and clear content with no significant bugs.

It is also required for applications to clearly define between content and ads, and get high ratings with a low rate of negative feedback. Facebook is also looking for apps to be clear with what user activity that it shares on the site, and also must not mimic any of the Facebook UI elements that could be misleading or counter intuitive.

As soon as developers have submitted their app detail page Facebook will review it before giving reasons and suggestions to improve it if its rejected, and if the changes are made it can be resubmitted to be listed in the App Center. Even if the app doesn’t get listed Facebook users can still find it via social channels such as friend requests, and bookmarks among other sources.

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