iOS 5.1.1 untethered jailbreak complete device list

If you are one of the iPhone unfaithful out there that has jailbroken their iOS smartphone, you will no doubt know that an iOS 5.1.1 untethered jailbreak is coming from pod2g, and the iPhone hacker has been letting the jailbreaking community know which devices would or wouldn’t be supported, albeit sporadically.

However, according to the guys over at iDownload Blog, if you own an older iOS device it appears you will be out of luck, whilst the iOS 5.1.1 untethered jailbreak will support Apple’s most popular devices.

So, here’s which Apple gear you can expect will be supported by pod2g’s iOS 5.1.1 untethered jailbreak…the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, the Apple iPad, Apple iPad 2 WiFi and the New iPad WiFi…which means for now anyway only WiFi enabled iPads will be supported.

When it comes to Apple gear that pod2g’s is currently working on the list is somewhat longer…the iPod 4G, the Apple iPad 2 GSM, Apple iPad 2 WiFi R2, Apple iPad 2 CDMA, the New iPad Global, the New iPad CDMA and Apple TV.

Lastly when it comes to Apple gear pod2g’s iOS 5.1.1 untethered jailbreak wont support, this includes the iPhone 3GS, Apple TV 3 and iPod 3G.

So there you have it the complete device list for pod2g’s iOS 5.1.1 untethered jailbreak, do you own an Apple device that will support the iOS 5.1.1 untethered jailbreak, or do you have a device that wont be supported?


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  1. Nno says:

    To be clear, the “old bootrom” iphone 3Gs, produced from June 2009 – September/October 2009 is able to be jailbroken forever via the 24K exploit. This is a “bootrom” exploit that can never be closed. It is not like the “userland” exploits that are fixed in every new iOS version. 

    The “new bootrom” 3Gs produced ever since 10/2009 is probably not able to be untether-jailbroken if it already has 5.1.1 installed. The only 3Gs phones with 5.1.1 installed however would be a phone built by Apple TODAY and sold today or tomorrow, or by a user who has recently (in the past few weeks) updated their iPhone to 5.1.1. 

    HOWEVER, if your 3Gs was previously jailbroken on firmware 3.0 up to 5.0.1, and is still jailbroken and you haven’t updated to 5.1.1. yet, you can create a custom IPSW and install that onto your 3Gs to maintain your jailbreak while gaining the features of 5.1.1.

    1. Jadedhero says:

      Apple stops making the old models once the new ones come out… what they have is old stock they sell out – I highly doubt they are still building 3GS today, and the bootrom that exists for the 3GS are still the exploitable ones…

      1. Rowan says:

        Wrong – the 3GS IS still being made! When the 3GS first came out the 3G was still made for a lower price, then when the 4 first came out the 3GS was still made for a lower price, but when the 4S first came out, not only was the 4 still made for a lower price but the 3GS was also still made, for “free”. AFAIK that is still true now so the iPhone 4S, 4 and 3GS are all made currently.

    2. MaryHollinger says:

      you can create a custom IPSW and install that onto your 3Gs to maintain your jailbreak while gaining the features of 5.1.1 ”  Could you please post a link of the tutorial to do this? About making a custom 5.1.1 IPSW maintaining jailbreak. 

  2. Jamesrk83 says:

    This is crap man i cant afford to buy another phone my jailbroken 3gs is my life these days – so thats just it huh there will never be an untethered for 5.1 ir 5.1.1 for 3gs ? Funny how the more expensive higher end more techinically comPlex devices get the untether – i am crushed once again im screwed due to lack of higher financial status – contradiction to the whole jailbreaks are free and more freedom for iphone users – isnt goin to be that way for me – BS

    1. Pjskoolsyou says:

      Stop complaining your whining little newt!!! You actually HAVE a smartphone. Go try and complain to the other 50% of the cell phone market who dont have a smart phone because they can’t afford the plans for a 3GS!!!!! You can live without a JB on your iPhone. You can live without your 3GS. Like I said before, create your own JB and then see how long it takes you. It’s not just opening up an iPhone and asking Siri to jailbreak it for you. It actually requires a lot of skills and know-how. Its pathetic how you blame your socioeconomic status as the reason why you don’t have a JB. Truth is, there are not a whole lot of people who have a 3GS anymore. Sure, there are still a few million, but there are several hundreds of millions of iPhone 4 and 4s users out there also. Basically what I’m saying is stop blaming others for what you don’t have, take up some responsibility, and do it your own damn self. If America still had that initiative, then we’d get a whole hell of a lot more done, but people who blame everyone else for their problems, like you, are just spoiled, nagging, and want to blame everyone around you because you can’t admit that you done goofed and can’t get yourself out of what you started

  3. Jamesrk83 says:

    I took my phone to apple a month ago to fix lcd screen and told them NOT TO UPDATE FROM 5.0 .. When igot my phone bck they had updated to 5.1 – they apologized but said it could not be fixed and gave me a 50$ itunes card – fukin useless- i have an new bootrom that was a gift am disabled and phone was a gift dont own a computer – am freakin out – i have to wait weeks at a time to rebboot tethered – some one anyone please help – is that way every one keeps saying you can downgradewithout ssh true – has it worked for anyone – REDSNOW/OTHER HACKERS PLEASE DONT LET IT GO DOWN THIS WAY PLEASE

    1. Tysloat says:

      Are you trying to stay jailbroken for an unlock? Or just simply cuz its fun to use all of the extras? Because, depending on the provider, most providers are unlocking their iphones as long as theyr out of contract. Research what company you have, AT&T Verizon etc. and give the customer service a call, with AT&T it will take 2 weeks but totally worth it.

  4. Anon says:

    Alright people, seriously stop complaining. If you wanna complain then make a blog and do it there. And seriously, pod2g works very hard on these things and as the technology grows it becomes more and more complex. HE is doing YOU a favor by releasing these jailbreaks FOR FREE!!! He doesn’t have to. He could decide he wants to stop right now and that would be it until someone else picked it up. Besides, I do not see any of your efforts to jailbreak any of these iDevices. As soon as you actually try and are able to release something, THEN you have a right to complain. As for James, if you do not actually have a computer, you will not be able to jailbreak even if it was being made for the 3G/S.

    1. Jadedhero says:

      ummm, all you need is to download the jailbreak onto any computer – borrowed or not, so technically you don’t need to OWN a computer, you just need access to one – are you sure you’ve jailbroken something before…? Maybe you should read his comment a little better, he says he has access to a computer every once in awhile, and that’s all it would take to jailbreak it…

      1. Infernova says:

        Please, i understand what youre trying to say to anon, but that last sentence and the attack was unnecessary. I would also say the same, assuming that jailbreaking a device without a computer is impossible and using another computer wouldnt cross my mind. Wouldnt you back up, sync and restore with a computer anyway?

    1. totally agree! What reason do they have for the 3GS not being compatible other than pure laziness, considering the jailbreak pointless just because the phone’s 2 years old (which i suppose is old in smart phones)

      1. pjskoolsyou says:

        Well why don’t you go to college and get a computer engineering edges and come up with your own JB??? What? You don’t want to? Why not?! To not do so would just be pure laziness!! Try making your own JB and see how easy it is….Hint: it’s not.
        It’s easier to JB the newer devices the the most recent iOS is native to most of those devices, as in the most recent devices were designed to run all the features of the most recent iOS. Installing 5.1.1 on a 3GS, for example, is way different than installing it on an iPhone 4S or iPad 3. The hardware was designed for the software; whereas with the 3GS, the software is reshaped or restructured slightly to accommendate the hardware. If you think Pog2g is so damn lazy and he should be faster with the JB exploits, then ask yourself: Do you pay him? If the answer is no, then quit complaining and either get the degree I suggested previously, put Pod2g on your payroll so you can tell him what to do, or buy a newer phone. What?? You can’t afford a new iPhone 4 or 4S??? Then stop being so lazy and save up some extra money, work a little longer, and get some overtime! To not do so would just be sooooo lazy and you should be publicly ridiculed because you can’t work faster and act soooooooo damn lazy!
        Stop treating all these iOS guys like they’re all your bitches. They have jobs and lives too, they’re entitled to do what they want within the extent of the law, and they most certainly do NOT have to cater to your pathetic and incessant whining, moaning, groaning, and complaining because you have no damn idea how to JB your OWN iOS device.

  5. Randy says:

    sorry for not being exactly related but im on ios 5.0.1 and my ipod touch 3g is jailbroken and on cydia i added a sourse and i got no warning about it and cydia deleted all my sourses including the 1 that cant be deleted in any way so i cant use anything on cydia and i used redsnow 0.9.10 b4

    1. Jadedhero says:

      do you have ifile or openSH installed on your iPod? if you do it’s a quick and easy fix, if not then you’ll have to restore and re-jailbreak… hopefully you’ve saved your SHSH blobs…

  6. Jamesrk83 says:

    Let me guess you own an a5device huh – ill complain bc it affects me and right now this my only option- and i have my phone jailbroken bc every couple weeks i get access to a computer for a couple hours – just the tether really sucks- more than allowed to complain about MY SITUATION- dude- hoping to get someone else to try and untether got nothin personal against pod2g -just dont like a5exclusivety- and3gs are techncally less complex than a5 devices – SO IT WAS A CHOICE- AND IM NOT SKILLED AT THAT SO WHY WOULD I RELEASE MY OWN JB ARE YOU Anon?

  7. Jamesrk83 says:

    HOW IS HE DOING ME A FAVOR? Come with better verbal skills if you want get a point across. Oh yeah and some logic might help ya a lil bit too

    1. Jadedhero says:

      Umm it looks like you might need better verbal skills buddy… your bottom message is so full of irrational and less than ideal verbal skill… at least I understood what Anon said, and it made perfect sense… are you sure you speak English well enough?  Maybe that’s your problem; maybe you should go back and learn to communicate a little better in English before insulting someone else’s ability in speaking (considering their skills are clearly more advanced to say the least).

    2. Jadedhero says:

      Besides, in his initial runs I believe pod2g said he couldn’t run the jailbreak on the 3GS. I don’t think the 3GS will stay out of the loop in the end, and this article I believe has misinterpreted what he intended to say.  There usually always ends up being a jailbreak out there eventually, just wait for it and keep your phone charged so you don’t have to keep rebooting the jailbreak.  Also, have you semi-tethered it?  Google semi-tether, head into cydia and follow the steps to semi-tether it if you haven’t already.  Semi-tether will at least keep your phone functioning without a jailbreak until you can reboot the jailbreak. 

  8. Jamesrk83 says:

    Through being angry ……..just sad.I have semitether but it takes a couple weeks to get chance to reboot- thanks for a little hope on the 3gs in the end thing .Not english boy, am from lithuania

  9. 3gs semitethered new bootrom running 5.1 also very sad before i jb i have phone,text,e-mail,data, prepaid thru straight talk after jb i lose all functions cant change the apn cause safari dies and i have to jb everynight to check my email ….. just sayin hope something changes finally decided to jailbreak a couple weeks to late.. i wish i hadnt upgraded …..thanks to all who work so diligently to make sure this is possible..i have friends phones who r all running fine ..iphone4s/5.0-iphone3/4.3.3 it sucks to be able to do theres and not mine my fault for not researching first until whenever ill enjoy checking my email j-brok3n    

  10. Im trying to jailbreak my 5.1.1 iphone 4. After clicking jailbreak and install cydia with my phone already in DFU mode, it runs through the first and second stage and comes up with waiting to reboot. Once it gets here my phone reboots in normal mode by itself. Any ideas what to do??

  11. F_German says:

    What is the difference between IPad 2 WiFi and IPad 2 WiFi R2? I never have heard of the R2, nor did I find anything online. Also, how do you check if you have the R2 model?
    Thanks a lot!

  12. Jamesrk83 says:

    I didnt upgrade my os apple did gosh – against my wishes .When i gave them the phone to fix I made sure it was jailbreak free. They made the mistake and rsfused to give me a different phone. Im not trying to blame anyone.Just think that if a had thise skills I would jb all models.(BUT I DONT SO EVERYONE WHO DOES IS BETTER THAN ME RIGHT I admit that) so everyone who doesnt write their own jailbreak Program cant complain if they dont get one? Im not the only one being left behind – MY ONLY HOPE/intention was to maybe get a reassurance from people who know (NOT ME I ADMIT THAT) that maybe there would eventually be one for 3gs . So no one else would feel this way if it were them? Anways sorry i pissed so many people off not my intention

    1. Jamesrk83 says:

      Yes thanks for doing right by us 3gsusers – told you it would be easy for someone of his skills and that it was a choice- and he made it- thank you for that pod2g i know you didnt have to

  13. Ja123 says:

    Ok, I am completely new at jailbreaking and I was looming for a 5.1.1 untethered jailbreak if somone can give me full details on how to DJ it that would be great, thanks

  14. Garethwalker1983 says:

    oh n im reasonably ok wih computers but in no way a mastermind so someone who can talk me through it stage by stage wud be great

  15. @ ryan >>> i have tried over and over again but it doesnt work ..i got a app from the app store so i can surf the web whilst not in jb mode.. as for mail the only way i can check it is to be jbroken, but like i said i cant use any function while jbroke unless  near wifi.. then i still cant use the phone or get messages … i have from cydia the semitether app and the safari fix tweak but alas it does not work i wish it was something i could fix but im not that intelligent thank you though. 

  16. Jamesrk83 says:

    Great day ti be a 3gs new bootrom user once again- pod 2g not leaving us behind like apple is sure to do with ios 6 and iphone 5 or 4slte or whatever they call it when it comes out

  17. Omar100sameh says:

    I have iphone 4s ios 5.1.1 and i dont have my ios 5.0.1 SHSH
    So what should i do to jailbreak my phone or from where i can get my old SHSH

  18. Its_fun_to_b_young says:

     i have i phone 4s with ios 5.1.1 and i dont have shsh blobss , even that tinyumbrela also did not find my iphone;s shsh blobssss ___ so plz tell me what should i do ? .. is there any software to jail break this without downgrading ios…….?>? . 

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