Anticipation of iPhone 5 increases as stock runs low

There is a train of thought that Apple won’t be launching the next iPhone until later this year in the fall around a year after the iPhone 4S was released, but anticipation of the iPhone 5 increases as stock of the iPhone 4 runs low.

Since Apple released the iPhone 4S last October the company has seen massive sales of the device, but it now seems the older iPhone 4 is soon to be phased out if stock levels are anything to go by, as SlashGear are reporting that a number of stockists have started a $49.99 sale price for the handset.

The likes of RadioShack and Target are amongst these retailers, and several online stores that include Best Buy are showing low or no stock of the iPhone 4. This could possibly be hinting that the iPhone 4 will be discontinued once the iPhone 5 is released, but if the new iPhone is not coming until later in the year it seems strange that the handset is running out of stock now.

RadioShack and Target also has sales for the iPhone 4S, which has led many analysts to believe that Apple are already clearing stock ahead of a new model. The company has historically run stock down for hardware that is about to get a refresh, but there does seem to plenty of stock of the older iPhone 3GS except with some online retailers.

Before the iPhone 4S Apple released its new smartphone after showcasing it at the annual WWDC event, but even though some stock is running out its doubtful we will see the iPhone 5 next month. Meanwhile iDownloadBlog are reporting that US carrier Sprint is offering customers the chance to get $100 off a new iPhone 4S if they trade in any older model of the iPhone.

The deal runs from today until the end of June and does make you wonder if Apple is going to surprise the world with a new iPhone next month, but that just could be some wishful thinking. Best Buy is also offering customers who sign up to a two year contract the iPhone 4 for $49.99, and as iDownloadBlog are reporting this is on AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon.

Will you get an iPhone for $50?

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